The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 492 - Let Him Go. She’s His

Chapter 492 - Let Him Go. She’s His

"Yun Jian..." Brother Hou hummed softly to himself, his instinct telling him that she was not as simple as it seemed.—How could a woman who shot a gun at somebody be someone ordinary!

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Brother Hou was here in Xinjiang Town because his hometown was here at Xinjiang Town’s village. His father had brought him back since it was Lunar New Year.

As for this woman called Yun Jian, she must have some background when she dared make him ask his father who she was.

Brother Hou reeled in his sense of superiority and arrogance faced with Yun Jian who just pulled a gun’s trigger.

"Let’s go!" He waved, gesturing his bros to leave with him.

With that command, the members turned in preparation to withdraw.

"Did I say I allow you to go?" Just as they turned around, Si Yi’s deep rumble of a voice came from their back.

Yun Jian had been quiet after finding out that Brother Hou was Duan Lei’s son. Based on the young man’s demeanor, he would certainly ask Duan Lei who she was when he got home, and when Duan Lei found out about the entire situation, Brother Hou would not end up well either.

In spite of it, Si Yi spoke up instead of Yun Jian.

"You disrespect my girl and you’re thinking about leaving?" Si Yi’s raspy tone of threat shook Brother Hou and his men who were already ready to go.

Compared to Yun Jian who opened fire directly, Si Yi’s presence was mysterious. The pistol came from him after all, even though he had pointed it at Yuan Yingjun first.

To be able to brandish a pistol was already proving a point—Brother Hou’s father, Duan Lei, who was now a high-ranking figure in the mob, Falcon Hall, did not even have the right to be constantly equipped with a pistol—Si Yi must only be someone doing better than his father!

Brother Hou was astute and observant for making it to where he was now.

He looked at Si Yi shakily and gulped before riding his previous haughtiness to lower his head and ask, "What... What other order do you have?"

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The son of a Falcon Hall founding member was bowing down to Yun Jian and SI Yi!

This was dominance! The power of someone’s dominant aura!

Yuan Yingjun was eventually recovering from the terror just now but he was still discomposed.

"Let him go," Yun Jian told Si Yi with a light grip on his hand. Her words worked the best on him.

No one could stop what Si Yi had set his mind to do. If Ya Dang and Mo Sen were here, they would probably drop their jaws in shock. It was because Si Yi took a step back with Yun Jian’s words.

Since when did An Hun’s leader pause before he was going to kill? He had always killed his target straight and forward each time!

"Okay," Si Yi replied with a nod and a gentle gaze at Yun Jian.

’Whatever you say.’

Yun Jian beamed, flashing a charming smile at the young man. Her cherry lips that parted and pressed together looked like a delicious dessert that was pulling one in.

When Brother Hou and his bros heard that Yun Jian was letting them go, they had fled in a flash, while Yuan Yingjun was still limp and trembling on the floor. He was indignant but...

Si Yi’s long fingers cradled Yun Jian’s small face. Zeroing in on her tempting lips, he pressed himself forward.

When Yun Jian realized it, Si Yi’s face was growing in size before her eyes.

Finally, Si Yi landed a kiss on Yun Jian’s lips right in front of Yuan Yingjun.

Yun Jian was his! He was declaring that to Yuan Yingjun.

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