The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 493 - Loser Yingjun And Flighty Hou

Chapter 493 - Loser Yingjun And Flighty Hou

Yuan Yingjun was devastated when he saw Si Yi kissing Yun Jian’s soft lips that he had imagined countless times but had never had the chance to touch, right in front of him. No matter how chagrined he felt, however, he dared not even move.

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Si Yi was too mysterious and Yun Jian was too terrifying.

The bullet that Yun Jian shot had gone right past his head just now. Yuan Yingjun thought that he was just one step away from death. In fact, it was really just one step and he would be dead!

Death—Yuan Yingjun was a normal person, of course he was scared of dying.

Moreover, he was still young and at the best time of his life. How could he die just like this?

Therefore, he lay limp on the floor now without moving a muscle. He was terrified that Yun Jian would shoot him again if he did move.

Consequently, he watched as Si Yi held Yun Jian’s delicate face and kissed her deeply, nettled but not daring to say a word.

His wimpy state was drunk in by his group of friends.

Yuan Yingjun was popular in school. He was known as Xinjiang Town Junior High’s most handsome guy after all. His group of friends, however, consisted of several sneaky personas who already had opinions about him usually. Not everyone was happy to see someone doing better than them—like the short guy earlier, for example.

Yuan Yingjun was known in his school, not that he was on the same level as Si Yi. Even then, he was still quite good looking and girls were all over him.

It was why the short guy actually hated him. He was jealous but he had never said it out loud.

What would happen after this was not hard to figure out. Having seen Yuan Yingjun’s loser side, these ’friends’ of his would be dragging him through the mud when they got back to school.

As it was now, Yuan Yingjun was already humiliated.

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Back to Brother Hou, he had fled back to his house alongside his members.

Brother Hou was named Duan Hou, Duan Lei’s eldest son. Duan Lei had a younger daughter as well.

Duan Lei’s family lived in central Longmen City but his family refused to leave Xinjiang Town to stay with him in Longmeng City, so he brought his wife and children home during Lunar New Year.

Watching his son run back with a bunch of peers, Duan Lei who sat in his house’s backyard got up.

"Hehe, gege is flying! Wa, gege flew back!" Duan Hou’s three-year-old baby sister who wore pigtails flailed her hands and giggled happily when she saw the group sprinting, as innocent a child as she could be.

Duan Lei who sat on a short stool outside was already standing up, chiding with a stern expression the moment he saw his son returning, "Hou’er, where did you cause trouble at now!"

As honest and candid a man Duan Lei was usually, he was equally outspoken in educating his children. It was unfortunate that Duan Hou grew up with his mother and the latter could barely keep him in control, thus Duan Hou had been spoiled since he was a small boy.

"Dad! Dad!" As Duan Hou ran back with his bros, it was like they were fleeing from something horrifying.

"How old are you now yet you’re so flighty! Unbecoming!" Duan Lei could not help frowning.

His son was already in front of him with his group of young men.

Unable to hold himself back, Duan Hou asked, "Dad, there was a woman just now, a scary woman! I think she knows you! She said that she’s some Jian... Right, Yun Jian!"

Duan Lei who was huffing choked. There was a beat of stupor before he uttered words that shocked Duan Hou and his peers, "Sister... Sister Jian?"

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