The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 495 - Mentioning Her With Pride

Chapter 495 - Mentioning Her With Pride

A shudder ran through Duan Hou as he was shouted at by his father.

He wreaked havoc outside, taking reign like he was king, but he was timid like a church mouse in front of his father.

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Even when Duan Hou did not know what he had done wrong, he shakily looked up at Yun Jian and apologized when he was being yelled at by Duan Lei.


Everyone else who witnessed the scene was confused.

Duan Hou was usually such a rowdy and bl.u.s.tering person but he was apologizing to Yun Jian?

Their surprise did not stop here because Duan Hou was apologizing. The very senior member of Falcon Hall, Duan Lei, was the one who dragged him here to do it!

As it was known, Duan Hou had been using just Duan Lei’s reputation to intimidate everyone. Now? Now, Duan Lei was hauling Duan Hou personally to apologize to Yun Jian!

What could it mean?

There was only one explanation left! Yun Jian’s identity was greater than Duan Lei’s!

Who could she be then? The rest were curious.

Lu Feiyan, on the other hand, had her guess. The last time, Yun Jian had forced the police to reinvestigate her father’s case by flashing her identity as an Advanced Special Forces soldier. In spite of it, an ASF member was not supposed to intimidate a senior member of Falcon Hall to this extent...

Duan Lei was dismissing his status as he hauled his son here to apologize to Yun Jian after all.

"No need." Yun Jian pressed her lips together, feeling the ghost of Si Yi’s warmth. Obviously, she was not planning to pursue Duan Hou’s action.

"Sister Jian, it’s my fault I didn’t educate my child well. Excuse me." Duan Lei said apologetically looking at Yun Jian as he landed a thwack on Duan Hou’s head, getting the younger’s loud ow in return.

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"Mm," Yun Jian replied with a half-smile before l.i.c.k.i.n.g her lips and asking, "Your hometown is at Xinjiang Town too?"

Back then she was here, she had never seen Duan Lei. Since they were free now, Yun Jian thought she would ask.

"My parents are staying here, refusing to stay with me in Longmen City, so I brought my family back here for Lunar New Year," Duan Lei explained with a smile.

In fact, Duan Lei was slightly surprised when he heard that Yun Jian was in Xinjiang Town. Thinking about it, however, he did not think of it as much of a coincidence.

Longmen City was not big. The towns and suburbs made up only a small area and Xinjiang Town was considered one of the most populated ones as it was formed by many small neighboring villages.

It was currently Lunar New Year.

There was a joke about how gangsters would rush home for a prosperous new year as well during this festival.

Duan Lei was a gangster but that did not mean he would not be home for the festival.

Other than a rare handful of men staying in Falcon Hall for now, even Xu Zetian had brought his son and wife to visit friends and relatives.

Yun Jian and Duan Lei chatted while Si Yi stood beside them silently. The rest of the people watched and listened without interfering as well. Eventually, Li Xiangyi and the boys lost the mood to play basketball.

After the short chat, Yun Jian excused herself first.

Once Yun Jian left with Si Yi after calling for Li Xiangyi, Lu Feiyan, and others, Yuan Yingjun who was sprawled on the ground sagged in relief immediately.

It was when Yun Jian and Si Yi left for sure that he breathed a huge sigh.

"Dad, who’s she? Why must you make me apologize just now?" Yuan Yingjun and his friends then heard Duan Hou asking Duan Lei. They perked their ears up at that.

There was a sense of pride when Duan Lei mentioned Yun Jian. "Sister Jian’s the current boss of Falcon Hall! The reason Falcon Hall could ascend to Zhe Province’s second biggest mafia group is because Sister Jian annihilated the original Flying Passage!"

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