The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 496 - An Uninvited Guest Asking For Money

Chapter 496 - An Uninvited Guest Asking For Money

Once Duan Lei spoke, everyone who was there was doused in horror and disbelief.

Falcon Hall was originally the Dragon Head Gang. Before Yun Jian took over the mafia group and renamed it, it had only been a small-time end-ranking gang in Zhe Province. The second top gang of Zhe Province then, Flying Passage, was a mafia group Falcon Hall could only look up to.

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Dragon Head Gang that used to be, was known in Longmen City but it was also only within Longmen City. It barely made itself up into the ranks in Zhe Province originally.

Since Yun Jian took over and made it Falcon Hall, everything changed.

It did not take long before the new Falcon Hall leader shone in the nationwide mafia tea party then proceeded to wipe out Flying Passage’s boss alone and took her people to invade and occupy said gang while it was in an internal strife.

Anyone who knew about the underground tumult knew what a tarrying leader Falcon Hall’s new boss was.

In spite of it, this person who put the underground world at sixes and sevens was suddenly revealed to be Yun Jian who looked like an ordinary student with a high exuberant ponytail—Yun Jian who was sixteen years old after Lunar New Year!

How could the recipients of the news not be stupefied?

"No? That’s not possible. How could Xiao Jian be Falcon Hall’s boss? This is not—it’s not possible..." Yuan Yingjun stood up waveringly. The doubt and panic that struck him made him forget that he was supposed to be scared of Duan Lei and Duan Hou.

There was only a scene pictured in his mind currently.

How could this be possible? How was Xiao Jian Falcon Hall’s leader?

How long had it only been since she left Xinjiang Town? Half a year at most?

Half a year and she had become Falcon Hall’s leader?

Duan Lei, a Falcon Hall senior member, was already intimidating to Yuan Yingjun but Yun Jian, she...

Yuan Yingjun was overwhelmed.

"Why would I lie about this!" Duan Lei replied curtly with a glare at Yuan Yingjun.

"Sister Jian’s our Falcon Hall’s pride!" Duan Lei said this with a deep sense of pride.

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Yuan Yingjun who stood there listening to him broke down completely the moment he heard his words.

If he was feeling resentful because he could not have Yun Jian earlier, he had lost all hopes now.

He and Yun Jian... How was it possible anymore?

She was now Falcon Hall’s boss!

The answer was easily negative.


When Yun Jian parted with her friends, she taught Li Xiangyi and the others a few basic dunking techniques. The boys were basketball enthusiasts, so they had listened to her very seriously.

After they left, Lu Feiyan excused herself too.

It was not like they were really not paying new year blessings with their parents on the first day of Lunar New Year. They still had to go.

Saying goodbye to Lu Feiyan and Li Xiangyi, Yun Jian walked back to Zhang Meihua’s house with Si Yi.

Xinjiang Town was not large. It was only a short way from the basketball court to Zhang Meihua’s house. It was just that when they arrived at the entrance, they saw an uninvited guest standing outside the spacious front yard—Lu Lanhua.

Lu Lanhua who was Yun Jian’s grandmother by title was Yun Gang’s mother.

"Qin Yirou, you were Yun Family’s daughter-in-law after all. What’s wrong if I come to borrow money from you? Don’t think I didn’t know, you had Yun Jian send some money to the Lu’s!"

"They aren’t even your family or relatives. Why did you give them money? I’ve treated you so well in vain. I see who you really are as a person now!"

Lu Lanhua was currently finding fault at their house and the Lu’s she mentioned was Lu Feiyan and family.

It was household news in town now, that Lu Feiyan’s family received some money and it was from Yun Jian.

Lu Lanhua who heard that Qin Yirou was making money now could not help coming over to demand some for herself—even when Qin Yirou was no longer her daughter-in-law.

It did not change the fact that her grandson was taken away by Qin Yirou! Did she not have the right to claim some money from Qin Yirou for taking her grandson away?

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