The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 497 - Qin Yirous Anger And Bold Retaliation

Chapter 497 - Qin Yirou\'s Anger And Bold Retaliation

Although Lu Lanhua was saying that she was here to borrow the money, it was certain that there was no way to get it back if Qin Yirou did lend her some.

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Qin Yirou was standing at the door listening to Lu Lanhua’s reproach with Ge Junjian who had yet to leave.

While Yun Jian had just come back, it was evident that Lu Lanhua had just gotten here too. Never mind that she had just arrived, she lambasted Qin Yirou right in front of Ge Junjian.

Zhang Meihua, as well as Qin Laiqian and his family, had gone out to pay new year blessings. Qin Yirou was probably the only one who had no place to go on the first day of Lunar New Year. Ge Junjian was not in a hurry to go home—he was going to be alone upon returning—and clicked well with Qin Yirou, so he had stayed to chat more and helped her out with the house chores.

Lu Lanhua had a sharp tongue, an infamous catty hag in Xinjiang Town. As she spouted venom, Qin Yirou did not even have the room to counter.

It was clear that Qin Yirou was rather angry at the moment.

Ge Junjian, on the other hand, put himself in front of Lu Lanhua so the woman was not berating Qin Yirou directly.

Yun Jian had just gotten home and heard what the old woman said before she saw Ge Junjian in his valiant one hundred and eighty centimeter’s height block in front of Qin Yirou and rebut Lu Lanhua’s censure.

"Madam, she’s divorced your son. She is not required to take care of you by right!"

Ge Junjian had stood by Qin Yirou, like he had found someone who understood him and they poured out everything about themselves to each other. Hence, he was aware of Qin Yirou’s home affairs.

For her to stay home on the first day of Lunar New Year and her ex-mother-in-law to come to her asking for money, Ge Junjian knew that it was not his place to interfere as an outsider but this was ridiculous! Even as an outsider, he could not take it.

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"And who are you?" Lu Lanhua’s wrinkly brows scrunched up at Ge Junjian who suddenly stepped up. Frowning, she looked menacing as her saggy face folded into itself.

Before Ge Junjian replied, however, Lu Lanhua screeched pointing at Qin Yirou, "Wow, I see why you were so determined to get a divorce with my Gang’er now. You have someone else! What a whore!"

Lu Lanhua was here to ask for money but her brain-to-mouth filter was absent.

Qin Yirou shook from how outraged she was. When Lu Lanhua got Ge Junjian who had nothing to do with them involved, Qin Yirou seethed no matter how mild her temper was.

"I’m not! Officer Ge is only here to pay a new year’s blessing. What could he possibly have to do with my affairs!"

"My conscience is clear that I don’t owe you Yuns a single cent! I brought up Xiao Jian and Xiao Yi on my own. I’ve already filed a divorce with your son. If we want to be clear, Yun Gang’s the one who should provide a monthly allowance for Xiao Jian and Xiao Yi since they are both still underage!"

"Otherwise, I can totally bring this to court!"

"I didn’t ask you for this stipend! I didn’t take anything from your family that I should or shouldn’t take. My conscience is clear, I can keep my head up."

"I asked Xiao Jian to send money to the Lu’s. That’s my hard-earned savings. It’s my own money. What right do you have to decide for me? It’s my freedom how I want to spend it! So please, leave now!"

Qin Yirou talked profusely and was being louder than Lu Lanhua. She was genuinely furious this time.

Her loud volume even made Yun Jian who wanted to come in and defend her mother pause in her steps. Si Yi wore a small smile but did not do anything.

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