The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 498 - Going Up The Roof. Please Leave

Chapter 498 - Going Up The Roof. Please Leave

Lu Lanhua was shocked.

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Her ex-daughter-in-law was nothing but useless and submissive, as well as a tool that could make money. That was all she had been to her.

Qin Yirou was a pushover. She had been meek and unresisting her whole life and was even wholly obedient to Lu Lanhua when she had just married Yun Gang. This was why Lu Lanhua had the cheek to come to her house for money when Qin Yirou had already divorced Yun Gang.

This was utterly absurd.

Lu Lanhua could use some extra money these days. She had been afraid of her husband, Yun Zhong, but it was a coincidence that the latter had taken a ride on his own to visit his friends today. Taking the opportunity, she came to Qin Yirou to ask for what she wanted.

Lu Lanhua’s son, Yun Gang, was incapable of earning. After Qin Yirou left, Lu Lanhua’s source of income was cut. How could an unfilial son like Yun Gang possibly bring a single dime home?

It was why Qin Yirou was the first one to cross Lu Lanhua’s mind when she ran out of money.

Moreover, what happened with the Lu Family was hot news in town. Qin Yirou had given them some monetary aid!

She was so rich but she was giving the money to others instead of Lu Lanhua. The first time the old woman heard about it, she was furious. Once she caught a chance, she made her way to Qin Yirou without a second thought.

It came as a surprise, ultimately, when Qin Yirou who had been docile erupted in anger. Furthermore, she was asking her to leave right away amidst her fury.

"You? You-you..." Lu Lanhua stammered but each word she repeated only sounded weaker than the last. She had no argument for herself, especially when she heard Qin Yirou saying that she could sue Yun Gang for not paying child support since the children were with her.

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It was then Lu Lanhua panicked. She was truly scared that Qin Yirou would do what she said and she would have to fork out her own money to pay for Yun Jian and Yun Yi! Asking money from Lu Lanhua felt worse than death to the old woman!

When Yun Jian saw Qin Yirou retaliated so vehemently, she smiled knowing that her mother could handle it on her own even if Yun Jian did not come to her rescue. Yun Jian then grabbed Si Yi’s larger hand and pulled him to hide at the side before the a.d.u.l.ts realized that they were back.

"Keep quiet, let’s go up the roof and watch from there," Yun Jian told Si Yi softly with a slight press of her lips. As she said that, she had already tugged Si Yi to a small lower house next to Zhang Meihua’s.

The houses around Zhang Meihua’s house were all small and low, including hers. There were rarely people who built their houses to three or four levels tall during this time.

As Yun Jian and Si Yi came to the neighboring dwarf house, she gestured for the young man to climb up the roof from the house’s gutter after her. With how skilled both of them were, they had agilely gotten themselves up the roof in a flash.

Si Yi thought that he had never done something so clandestine in his life—climbing the roof of somebody’s house.

In spite of it, he was also never refusing Yun Jian.

The small house was distanced just nicely so that they could hear and see the three a.d.u.l.ts’ conversation and actions.

"Please leave!" Qin Yirou was assertive, telling Lu Lanhua loudly with a finger pointing at the door.

"Good for you! Grown independent and bull-headed now huh? You’ve forgotten how nice I was to you!" It took a while for Lu Lanhua to articulate her words and speak blatant lies.

Since she was unable to get anything and could possibly be sued, Lu Lanhua spat at Qin Yirou and Ge Junjian crudely before turning to leave.

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