The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 499 - Falling Flat. Two Fools

Chapter 499 - Falling Flat. Two Fools

Lu Lanhua had only taken two steps out of the front yard when Yun Jian who was sprawled on the roof flicked her hand to reveal a pebble without trying to be furtive.

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Before she went up the roof, she took along the stone just in case. It was now time to put it to good use!

With her lips pressed, the stone in her hand catapulted toward Lu Lanhua who was about to leave with a swoosh.

Lu Lanhua’s b.u.t.t.o.c.k.s were sticking out as she swayed it left and right, leaving arrogantly.

Out of the blue, a pebble hit an acupuncture point on her knee quick as a flash of light. As her leg suddenly gave out support and Lu Lanhua was still tipping her chin and puffing her c.h.e.s.t without regarding her steps, it was too late when she wanted to stabilize herself the moment she felt the abrupt tenderness.

It had been windy last night too, a light drizzle of rain poured on Lunar New Year’s Eve night. The front yard was filled with puddles of water.

As Lu Lanhua’s leg gave out, she fell flat on her front.—What was in front of her then was a pit filled with the most mud and water in the front yard.

"Ah!" Lu Lanhua screeched in panic as she fell.

Nonetheless, her inability to regain balance meant that she was falling straight into the pit.

As the dirty puddle took Lu Lanhua’s weight, the murky water splashed around, ultimately spattering on Lu Lanhua’s new clothes.

She clambered up almost at the same time but when she saw how filthy her new clothes were, she cried, "Ah, my clothes! My new clothes!"

Lu Lanhua had only made herself purchase the brand new garment because it was the first day of Lunar New Year today.

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Now, the brightly colored fabric was stained with dirty mud.

If she were to be asked how she felt now, there was no doubt she was incredibly aggrieved.

People might have thought that Lu Lanhua had fallen herself, but Yun Jian’s undisguised advance was noticed by Ge Junjian.

He was the leader of Advanced Special Forces, after all. How could he manage the troop if he had not the discernibility given his status and years spent in the military?

Trailing after the direction, Ge Junjian found Yun Jian and Si Yi who were hiding at a neighbor’s rooftop, and was shocked by his discovery only to see Yun Jian putting her pointer finger against her lips to shush him.

Understanding her gesture and was never an impartial saint, he kept quiet.

"You fell on your own, it’s not our fault," Qin Yirou spoke first knowing Lu Lanhua well.

Having spent more than a decade with someone like Lu Lanhua, Qin Yirou was well aware of the woman’s character. If she had not pointed it out first, Lu Lanhua was probably going to accuse Qin Yirou of her fall. She would even twist the truth and go as far as blaming Qin Yirou for not filling up the pits in her front yard and causing her to fall.

Yun Jian who hid some distance away smiled, sincerely gleeful when she saw Lu Lanhua leaving in the end under her mother’s insistence. Qin Yirou had learned how to retaliate now, at least.

Hiding on the rooftop and watching Ge Junjian accompany her mother who was still fuming enter the house, Yun Jian was about to turn to Si Yi to suggest they go home too when a boy’s voice came from her back.

"Mommy, what are gege and jiejie doing up so high?" A little boy pointed at Yun Jian and Si Yi as he asked curiously.

"They’re probably two fools. Let’s go home!" The little boy’s mother held her son’s hand in slight apprehension and left the place quickly.

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