The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 5 - Elder Brother Yun Yi and Mother’s Birthday

Chapter 5 - Elder Brother Yun Yi and Mother’s Birthday

Yun Jian and Lu Feiyan had just arrived at the classroom when Yun Jian caught a glimpse of the plate hanging on the wall above the doorframe. The red bold script read "Grade 9 Class 6".

Yun Jian was suddenly aware of her current identity, an ordinary student who had just entered ninth grade.

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Pressing her lips together with a raised brow, she smiled with a nod, walking into the classroom.

She was seated at the third desk of the third row. The body she was in though not very tall, was not that short either; she was of average height in the class, so her assigned seat was in the middle as well.

Coincidentally, it was the best seat in the classroom.

Lu Feiyan was seated a little farther from her. Since the class had started, she bolted to her desk first without notifying Yun Jian.

Yun Jian sat down as well. As both of them took their place, a plump female teacher came in.

This was Madam Jin. Madam Jin was in her thirties but she looked a few years younger than her actual age.

Madam Jin was usually friendly, being the homeroom teacher to Grade 9 Class 6, and taught them Chinese. She was engaging in her lessons and would tell the students stories, making her class a favorite among the students.

Madam Jin placed her book on the lectern and took out the Chinese textbook after she entered to commence the class.

As classes carried on through the afternoon, Yun Jian was not bored despite having already learned the content. She must be well versed in every subject back when she was in the organization; it included mastering all the school lessons. Otherwise, she would be eliminated in that world.

In spite of it, Yun Jian had still paid attention to the class. She enjoyed the process of learning.

School was dismissed punctually at 4:50pm.

It was a Friday. Without the evening self-study session, dismissal was early. Self-study sessions were from Monday to Thursday, thus school dismissal time to usually be around 8pm.

Before Madam Jin could announce class was dismissed, a few mischievous boys in the class had quietly snuck out with their bags from the backdoor once the bell rang. The playful bunch was a headache to the homeroom teacher but she was helpless about them.

Once their teacher left, the students picked up their schoolbags and skipped home.

Friday dismissal was the happiest moment of the week.

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"Xiao Jian, wait up! Let’s go together!" Lu Feiyan packed her things speedily and shouted at Yun Jian.

Although Yun Jian made no reply, she waited for the girl.

Lu Feiyan was a close friend of her current body’s owner. She was a decent friend too, who tried to help when the original owner of the body was bullied and did not distance herself from Yun Jian even though it may oppose Lin Mengyu.

Lu Feiyan was done packing her bag in a minute and ran over, telling Yun Jian rather excitedly, "Let’s go!"

"Mm," Yun Jian replied softly with a nod and walked toward the school gate with Lu Feiyan.

Xinjiang Town Junior High School was in the center of Xinjiang Town while Yun Jian and Lu Feiyan’s houses were in the same direction. Both of them were on the same path home.

Just as they stepped out of the school gate, Yun Jian heard a male voice calling out from the side, "Xiao Jian!"

Slightly surprised, she turned to see a tall teenager who was about seventeen or eighteen years old, wearing a set of tracksuit, standing on the step of the school gate looking at her.

When Yun Jian saw the handsome boy, she was first lost before the memory belonging to the original owner of her body spilled into her mind.

The teenager was none other than the girl’s biological elder brother, Yun Yi.

Now that she took over the body of the original owner, did that mean that Yun Yi was her older brother?

In her previous life, Yun Jian was separated from her family at a young age. When she found them, only her younger brother remained. She had only seen her younger brother once, the latter killed before she could cherish the family bond between them.

Never experiencing family love, Yun Jian looked at Yun Yi in shock before carefully uttered one word, "Brother?"

Yun Yi hopped off the step strikingly and walked over to Yun Jian and Lu Feiyan. He casually dr.a.p.ed his arm on his younger sister’s shoulder and grinned, the tug of his lips enough to make girls around them scream.

"Mm, Xiao Jiao, your brother, me, had an early dismissal today too. So I’m here to pick you up after school. Don’t forget that it’s mom’s birthday today! She’s worked hard for us all her life, we must treat her well today." Yun Yi hummed in reply before deciding to say more, afraid that Yun Jian would forget what day it was.

Yun Jian had not known what was going on until she found the answer in the original owner’s memory.

The girl’s family relationsh.i.p.s were slightly complex. She had a biological elder brother whose excellent result in last year’s high school entrance exam earned him a place in a prominent high school in the city.

It was Friday and their mother’s birthday. Yun Yi had told the girl earlier on that he would rush back from the city today to celebrate their mother’s birthday. It was supposed to be a surprise.

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