The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 50 - Lafite Wine, Not Bad

Chapter 50 - Lafite Wine, Not Bad

Zhang Jun’s purpose of appearing here with his boys to ’bump’ into Wen Rui and the team was to see how skilled the girl who joined their basketball team was.

He had thought that the girl must either be tall and sturdy or incredibly powerful to be invited into the team, not expecting her to be a lean petite girl like this.

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Therefore, Zhang Jun could not help taunting them when he saw Yun Jian.

How was a thin and frail girl like her going to play basketball?

"Zhang Jun, don’t find fault here. Otherwise, you cannot blame us for being rough!" Wu Kui clenched his fists. If it were not for Li Xiangyi who was holding him back, he might actually be fighting Zhang Jun right now.

The action earned a low grunt from Zhang Jun.

"Fine, I’m not wasting more saliva with you guys today either. We’ll solve this on the court!" Zhang Jun made a strange gesture from his nose and tipped his chin away proudly, giving a side-eye to Yun Jian and the team.

"Remember what you said, Zhang! Don’t think of escaping when the time comes!" Wu Kui tightened his fists.

Actually, Wen Rui, Wu Kui, Li Xiangyi, and the rest of the team comprehended that Zhang Jun was underestimating Yun Jian but no one stood up for her.

This was because Yun Jian was their team’s trump card! Only during a critical moment worthwhile to flash their trump card!

Hmph, let Zhang Jun have his way, he won’t be so proud for long!

"Bros, let’s go!" Assuming that his team stood a very high chance of winning because their opponent had Yun Jian as a ’burden’, Zhang Jun called out to his boys and the group walked out of the bar smugly.

"Ignore them. Bastards, let them feel high and mighty for a few more days!" Wu Kui spat towards where Zhang Jun and boys left.

Yun Jian had not made any sound since, quietly watching the teenagers with a smile.

Zhang Jun’s appearance did not seem to displease the team players. Quite the opposite, they looked even more fervent now.

All of them had witnessed Yun Jian’s skill!

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She looked puny but she could shoot a hoop some thirty to forty meters way!

This was not simply achievable.

In addition to being eager for the match, the team was anticipated.

Entering the room they booked, their surroundings finally quieted down.

Yun Jian sat casually but exuded a deadly charm.

Although it was said to be a welcoming party for Yun Jian, it was in fact a simple gathering for the team.

To boost the atmosphere, Wen Rui asked a few bottles of finer wine from their server, and considering that girls probably did not know how to drink, he asked for a big bottle of Minute Maid juice for Yun Jian.

The beverages were sent briefly. Wen Rui passed the juice to Yun Jian and said, "You’re a girl. Have this."

Yun Jian did not accept the Minute Maid juice. Looking at Wen Rui, she replied with a smile, "Since we’re here to have fun, I can’t be a wet blanket. I can drink."

What she did not disclose was that she also had an extremely high alcohol tolerance.

Wen Rui was stumped.

He had thought that most girls either did not know how to drink or would get drunk after a single sip. That was why he ordered juice for Yun Jian, not guessing that she could drink.

Since Yun Jian said so, he poured her a glass instantly.

The team watched as Yun Jian smelt the liquid with the wine glass under the tip of her nose and softly muttered, "Lafite ’82."

She pressed her lips together, then drank the wine. "Not bad."

Everyone on the spot was astounded, even the server who was standing on the side because it really was a 1982 Lafite wine.

How did Yun Jian know? Had she identified it just by taking a whiff?

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