The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 500 - A Hug Like That

Chapter 500 - A Hug Like That

When the little boy’s mother spoke up from behind them and left in a hurry like she was fleeing from a contagious disease, Si Yi’s face sank into a dark expression. The corners of Yun Jian’s lips twitched as she turned to look at the young man from her sprawled position on the roof but there was a hint of smile ghosting her face.

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It was difficult to imagine Si Yi being called a fool. Now that she has witnessed it today, it was fun!

"Just you wait," Si Yi said in a deep rumble, looking at Yun Jian’s grinning face from the side where he stood before scanning her up and down, even shifting his gaze slightly to linger on her c.h.e.s.t.

It made Yun Jian shudder, feeling butterflies from the stare.

"I’m going home." She pursed her lips before standing up. In the next second, she was already standing straight on the roof.

The roof was not high, only about two to three meters from the ground, but any ordinary person who jumped down from this height would easily break their bones if not kill themselves.

Yun Jian had jumped down from the back of the roof. She was light on her feet like she was hopping and landing on flat land. Making a half somersault in the air, she landed securely.

The reason she was going down from the house’s back door was because Lu Lanhua was passing through this house’s front yard. If she went down from the front, she would be meeting the old woman face to face.

However, an elderly man was sitting at the back of the house with his leg crossed on top of another as he hummed a tune holding a hand warmer. He was seated just under the roof.

When he saw a shadow flashing from above him, the old man felt his heart lurch. After seeing Yun Jian, he cried in surprise, "Oh good gracious, young lady, can you let me know before you come down? What a shock..."

Just as he said that, another shadow flashed above his head and landed. The elderly man was so astonished, he threw his hand warmer on the ground out of surprise.

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Goodness, another one!

"You both were hiding on my roof? What... what did you do?" The elderly man stared dumbly at Yun Jian and Si Yi who had just gotten down, too stupefied to do more than that.

"Some special things," Si Yi said and went over to wrap an arm over Yun Jian’s shoulder then went around the small house toward Zhang Meihua’s house.

The elderly man who was frozen there was speechless, obviously having misunderstood something.

Just as Yun Jian and Si Yi got back to Zhang Meihua’s house, they saw Ge Junjian’s hands resting on Qin Yirou’s shoulders like he was comforting her in the center of the house once they opened the door.

Ge Junjian was first astounded when the door was suddenly opened before he pulled back his hands from Qin Yirou’s shoulders.

Yun Jian smiled awkwardly. It seemed that she had not come back at the right timing...

Yun Zhu’s mumbling came from the stairs then. "Jiejie, Si Yi-gege, I want a hug. I want a hug like Uncle Ge and Mama Qin..."

Having just woken up from his nap, little Yun Zhu’s sleepy face looked adorably pink.

As Qin Yirou took care of Yun Zhu like her own son, the boy called her "Mama Qin". The reason it was "Mama Qin" instead of just "Mama" was because Qin Yirou thought that Yun Zhu still had his biological mother.

Anyway, what Yun Zhu said seemed to have revealed something big.

Yun Jian narrowed her eyes. From the corner of her eyes, she spotted Ge Junjian’s fl.u.s.tered face. It was obvious that little Yun Zhu was not lying.

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