The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 502 - Her Worry And A Duel

Chapter 502 - Her Worry And A Duel

While Qin Yirou and Ge Junjian were staring at each other, Yun Jian who fled upstairs shoved Si Yi who was carrying Yun Zhu into her temporary room.

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It was until they were all inside the room that Yun Jian took a deep breath.

She had not thought much about it when Ge Junjian stayed the night initially. He had come from Longmen City and it was rather late yesterday. It was fine for him to stay over since he was agreeable to it.

From what it looked like just now, Yun Jian could note the difference no matter how slow she was.

Qin Yirou’s bashfulness and Ge Junjian’s reaction... Yun Jian was sure that they were nothing like what Qin Yirou wanted to clarify.

Since Qin Yirou divorced Yun Gang, her days had only been better and it pleased Yun Jian to know that. What about when she got older, however? Was she going to spend the rest of her life alone?

Yun Jian had actually thought about finding a spouse for Qin Yirou but it was not like she could find one just because she wanted to. To prevent Qin Yirou from meeting someone like Yun Gang again, Yun Jian refrained from mentioning it.

Nonetheless, she was wholly supportive if Qin Yirou ended up together with Ge Junjian.

Not only was the man notable in status, but he was also virtuous and just. He also took good care of Yun Jian and the other Advanced Special Forces candidates. All in all, he cared about his people.

If Ge Junjian had a family, however, Yun Jian was not going to agree to it. If his wife was still around, that would make Qin Yirou his love affair!

Being a mistress was nothing commendable. It was a presence everyone loathed.

If Ge Junjian did already have a family, Yun Jian would be the first to stop any budding relationship.

Standing in her temporary room, Yun Jian rested her chin on her palm as she stared unblinking at a spot on the floor. Her high ponytail emphasized her youthful zeal.

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There was also a delicate beauty amidst her exuberance and it elicited an itch within Si Yi.

If he was not carrying Yun Zhu, he would have bitten Yun Jian’s juicy pout at once.

Little Yun Zhu had no such patience. Flailing arms and waving hands, he shook in front of Yun Jian for some time, calling out impatiently, "Jiejie, jiejie..."

The last of his calls finally caught Yun Jian’s attention.

"What is it?" She looked up at Yun Zhu.

"Jiejie, Xiao Zhu wants your hug..." Yun Zhu grinned mischievously with stretched arms in anticipation of his sister’s hug.

The girl easily carried the boy over from Si Yi’s hold.


Staying the entire afternoon in their room, it was only during dinner that Yun Jian and Si Yi took Yun Zhu downstairs.

Qin Yirou and Ge Junjian were back to how they used to act, words flowing in a casual and seamless conversation between them like the earlier awkwardness had never happened.

It was worth noting that both of them seemed to have endless topics to talk about.

When the man saw Yun Jian and Si Yi coming down with Yun Zhu, he waved at Yun Jian. The latter was confused but she tucked Yun Zhu’s small hand to Si Yi and went toward Ge Junjian.

"Yun Jian, I’ve just received a notice from the higher-up. All members of Team Monarch are to gather in the military camp on the tenth day of Lunar New Year because there’s a new team of Special Forces candidates who’s around your age but has very strong abilities."

"The order from the higher-up is that they want both teams to have a duel!"

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