The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 503 - A Quota

Chapter 503 - A Quota

"Considering that there’s a quota for Advanced Special Forces, if they win this duel, the ASF positions all of you are currently holding have to be passed to them."

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"This is the higher-up’s decision. I can’t do anything about it. But I believe that you can do it, Yun Jian."

Ge Junjian finished with exceptional seriousness.

He had just received the notice via text message on his cellphone as well. When he first read it, he felt his eyes twitching.

Ge Junjian was not the only leader of the Advanced Special Forces. Country Z was so huge, of course, he was not the only one.

The other party were candidates trained by an officer standing against Ge Junjian and they were around Yun Jian and her teammates’ age too.

Recently, the newcomers were said to be exceptionally skilled, five to six times better than past ASF candidates. All of them were nearing the ability of an official Special Forces soldier!

Once these people accomplished their first achievement, they requested to challenge the official Advanced Special Forces positions of Team Monarch.

This was the reason Ge Junjian’s superior texted him to ask seven of his members to assemble in the camp on the tenth day of the Lunar New Year.

As a matter of fact, it had almost never happened for Advanced Special Forces candidates like Yun Jian and team to be promoted directly as Advanced Special Forces. It was only because the seven of them had performed outstandingly in their last two missions that Ge Junjian had applied to his superior for their quota, thus elevating them to official ASF members straightaway!

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This was an extremely high honor because no ASF candidates who were picked from the military had ever skipped being a Special Forces soldier to an Advanced Special Forces soldier.

Candidates like Yun Jian and team were selected due to their abilities and capable youths like them had always begun as ASF candidates. When they were accepted into training as candidates, these youths had an absolute upper hand compared to members who became Special Forces soldiers from graduating military school through conventional pathways.

Once one was an ASF candidate, it was only a matter of time in becoming an ASF soldier. Nonetheless, it was still rare and scarce to qualify as an Advanced Special Forces member. There were probably less than a hundred ASF soldiers within ten thousand SF soldiers.

When Yun Jian and team had taken the spots as legitimate ASF members despite their young age, it roused a lot of envy.

As for the new ASF candidates who were trained by Ge Junjian’s nemesis—another Advanced Special Forces leader, Ai Guoxun—they had requested for a duel against Team Monarch to replace them because they were prodigious as well.

Such battle posed zero benefit to Ge Junjian and Team Monarch.

This was people coming to snatch their spots. If Yun Jian and the other six members lost, they had to give their ASF positions to their opponents. Once that happened, the seven of them would have to start all over again as ASF candidates!

Ge Junjian was not worried about Yun Jian but when it came to a duel, it was a team effort. If one of their team members was weaker, it would affect the entire group.

Ge Junjian and Ai Guoxun did not see eye to eye. It was probably why the latter had sought a group of capable talents to fight for Team Monarch’s official spot as ASF—just to step over Ge Junjian in reputation.

Hence, Ge Junjian looked incredibly grim at this moment.

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