The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 505 - Probing—One Of Her Own

Chapter 505 - Probing—One Of Her Own

Ge Junjian was once again astounded by Yun Jian but the bewilderment was only fleeting since it was her. After all, he had often been at the receiving end of the shock Yun Jian causes.

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It was also not like he had other solutions aside from trusting Yun Jian nor was it possible for him to summon everyone in Team Monarch back to the training camp in the first few days of Lunar New Year. It was simply not realistic. These several days were public rest days where people usually stayed home.

Ge Junjian was too much of a decent person to hurl all of them to go back to the military training camp. Moreover, it was only nine days even if they were to start training now; how could a person’s ability be upgraded?

Even if there was some improvement within the nine days of training, it would not make much difference.

When Yun Jian said that she was capable of making Chu Ning and the rest better in just five days, Ge Junjian was quite skeptical but he was determined to do as he was told. It boiled down to only one reason—Yun Jian had never made empty promises! It was why Ge Junjian decided to trust her unconditionally.

"I’ll make the arrangement," Ge Junjian told her from the back.

"Mm." Yun Jian did not turn back to reply but lowered her gaze with a small smile.

Honestly, Yun Jian thought that it was conceivable for Ge Junjian to get together with her mother.

"Jiejie, let’s go out and play!" Yun Zhu’s hand went to hold Yun Jian’s. He was a good boy, and had been staying quiet because he knew that Yun Jian and Ge Junjian were discussing important matters just now. It was until both of them were done talking that the little boy suggested to Yun Jian.

His obedience struck a tender spot in Yun Jian, making her nod right away. "Okay."

"Come back early, Xiao Jian. Dinner’s ready soon. We can eat when your grandma and the others come back," Qin Yirou popped her head from the kitchen to remind Yun Jian when she heard that the girl was taking Yun Zhu out to play.

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"Yes, mom." Yun Jian nodded at the woman.

Yun Yi was also out and about.

Before he studied in Longmen Di Yi Senior High School, he went to the same school that Yun Jian used to go to for junior high. When he was in Xinjiang Junior High School, he did not know his current best friend, Xu Haozhe, yet but that did not mean he had no friends in town.

That explained why he was not home but he was always punctual for dinner.

"Let’s go." Yun Jian bent down to squeeze Yun Zhu’s supple cheeks fondly before tugging him along with a glance at Si Yi, hauling both of them out the door.

When Yun Jian and Si Yi took little Yun Zhu out, Ge Junjian slipped into the kitchen to help Qin Yirou.

Toward the end, he could not help speaking for Si Yi. "What do you think of the young man around Yun Jian?"

Ge Junjian did not know Si Yi’s name yet.

His question paused Qin Yirou before she answered with a smile, "A-Yi had a tough life, losing his mother since he was a child. Poor boy."

Ge Junjian did not mean much. He just wanted to probe Qin Yirou for Yun Jian and Si Yi. Who would have known that Qin Yirou did not even think in that direction...

"Uh, I mean... in another aspect," Ge Junjian tried again.

This time, Qin Yirou dropped what she was doing and contemplated seriously, replying after some time, "A-Yi’s excellent. If he’s happy to, I’ve already taken him as one of my own."

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