The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 508 - Five Days Of A Daydream

Chapter 508 - Five Days Of A Daydream

Yun Jian had only left Xinjiang Town with Ge Junjian on the fifth day of Lunar New Year.

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Due to her, Zhang Meihua was now courteous and decent to Qin Yirou. The latter had nowhere to go to during the new year, so she stayed on in Xinjiang Town while little Yun Zhu followed.

It had been some days since Si Yi rushed here on Lunar New Year’s Eve. An Hun Group was naturally busy but he had abandoned his tasks on the eve, throwing them all to poor Ya Dang and Mo Sen, to come over to Yun Jian.

Right now, Yun Jian had gone to the military training camp and would most probably be occupied these days. Si Yi thus took the chance to go back to An Hun.

Riding on Ge Junjian’s military jeep, Yun Jian arrived at the site with the man. Her six other team members were already waiting at the camp having received the notice. When they saw Yun Jian and Ge Junjian getting off the jeep, Chu Ning and the others hurried to them.

"Everyone’s here? Gather around, headcount." Ge Junjian who was usually casual and jovial turned strict when it came to a professional setting.

Seven of them fell into line at once and reported their headcount.

"Report, all seven members of Team Monarch are here!" shouted the leader, Liu Shiyun.

Having called everyone back to the military camp on the fifth day of Lunar New Year when winter break had just begun and people were just in the midst of celebrating the holiday, there must be something important.

The teenagers had already known what was happening, so no one was complaining about Ge Junjian asking them to report to duty so soon.

People were coveting their spots as the Advanced Special Forces!

Not one among them was willing to give up on their position—there was no doubt about it!

"Mm. I believe all of you have already known why I’ve asked all of you back so early. I will make it clear now. The overall standard of members of that team is surely above yours!"

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"Other than Yun Jian and Jiang Weiwei, the rest of the five of you aren’t their worthy opponents!"

Ge Junjian was frank but Chu Ning and others were not disgruntled because he was honest. Instead, all of them were earnest about bringing glory to Team Monarch; none of them wanted to become the weakest link.

"The duel with their team is set on the tenth day of the Lunar New Year. Right now, you have five days of preparation."

"I’ll hand this duration over to Yun Jian and she’ll be training all of you."

Ge Junjian had always been short and concise with his words.

He added toward the end. "I hope that all of you can upgrade your prowess to your best ability within these five days. I don’t ask for you guys to overpower your rivals but at the very least, do not lose! Secure your places. This is the most minimal request I ask of you!"

Ge Junjian’s words lit a fire within everyone.

"Yes, sir!" All of them answered in unison.

They must not be defeated by their opponents—as long as they could maintain a tie.

Nonetheless, this was already a huge challenge to the five weaker members.

"No. Five days. I’ll make all of you capable of beating your opponents." Yun Jian’s airy words rang then.

She was going to put Chu Ning and the rest through living hell of a training in five days but once they persevered, those Advanced Special Forces candidates were not going to be their rivals.

They could even escape easily if they met professional secret agents or assassins!

"Pft, you? Do you think everyone’s like you? Five days for everyone to turn the table around? Keep on daydreaming!" A sneer came from their back while they stared at Yun Jian in shock.

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