The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 509 - Like Childs Play

Chapter 509 - Like Child\'s Play

Yun Jian knew who it was without turning around.

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It was Shao Weiming. Back when they were on a mission to retrieve Zhe Province’s stolen antique, this person from Champ Squad, one of the three teams Ge Junjian had sent, was the one who got into a fight with Chu Xiangnan in the bus.

Shao Weiming had never gotten along with Yun Jian and her team, more so when Team Monarch completed the mission successfully and caused Champ Squad and Flying Dragons to be reprimanded by Ge Junjian. Shao Weiming and his leader, Yu Fengcheng, as well as all the members from both teams, resented Yun Jian and her team.

The reason they were rebuked was simple.

Champ Squad and Flying Dragons were members of the Advanced Special Forces and had been veterans in the military!

Yet, Yun Jian and her team, supposed candidates of Advanced Special Forces, newbies who had just enlisted in the military, had surpassed them in accomplishing the task.

Ge Junjian was delightfully surprised by the outcome but he had also sternly reproached Champ Squad and Flying Dragons.

Due to the incident, the difficulty of the training that both teams were in was elevated several times compared to its previous intensity.

All this had Yun Jian to thank for!

Consequently, Shao Weiming could not hold himself back when he heard Yun Jian’s assertive and confident declaration.

"Shao Weiming, shut it! Go back to your team right this instant!" Ge Junjian growled at said man with a frown the moment he heard the latter mocked Yun Jian right in front of him.

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Shao Weiming and the rest of the two teams were punished to come back early to train in the military training camp on the fifth day of the Lunar New Year by Ge Junjian. This was their penalty for not having done anything in the last mission.

When the man was barked at by Ge Junjian, he scoffed at Yun Jian disdainfully before stalking off. He would love to see what Yun Jian could amount to. Hah, she had just managed to retrieve the antique in advance the last time because she could speak Country A’s local language!

She was all noodle legs and noodle arms. No matter how Ge Junjian sang praise about her, could she be better than him? Shao Weiming was 29 years old this year, considerably younger in Champ Squad, but he had already spent more than a decade in the military!

No matter how good Yun Jian was, that did not mean she was omnipotent!

In spite of it, Shao Weiming, Yu Fengcheng, and the others had never witnessed Yun Jian’s skill. During the last mission when they met Team Monarch, Yun Jian had already completed the task.

It did not take any resentment Shao Weiming had for Yun Jian away.

He was Ge Junjian’s subordinate but he would rather Ai Guoxun’s underlings trounce Yun Jian. He would rather lose his pride and see his officer, Ge Junjian, lose than for Yun Jian to amaze everyone again!

After Shao Weiming left, he stood some distance away to watch Team Monarch.

It was now in the middle of frosty winter but Yun Jian and her team were outdoors, staring back at Cham Squad and Flying Dragons.

Both latter teams were observing Yun Jian and team, not that the girl could not feel it but they were not relevant to her. She had not even cared about it.

Standing before Chu Ning and the rest of her teammates, Yun Jian stayed watching them. It was after some moment that she continued what she was saying. "Five days is enough. I’m not playing. But I must mention that all of you have to sacrifice what it’s worth in order to improve within this duration. I won’t make you pay the price of death but I’ll make sure your lives are no better than death! Once you’ve gone through my training, though, I’m certain it’ll be like child’s play for you all to defeat those people five days later."

Yun Jian’s lips curled upward as she spoke to the end.

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