The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 51 - Mengyu Is Back To School. A Trip To The Office

Chapter 51 - Mengyu Is Back To School. A Trip To The Office

Amazed as they were, it did not stop the team from picking up their glasses and merrily drinking afterward.

A few boys were flushed after a glass or two, looking like they were drunk from how tipsy they were.

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It came as a surprise that studious looking Wen Rui could take his liquor well.

Downing a few glasses, he turned to look at Yun Jian who correspondingly had several glasses too.

She was not flushed nor jumpy, not even a slight change in her expression. It was as if what she drank was plain water instead of wine.

Wen Rui’s drinking ability was a well-known fact by the team but even he had felt a slight discomfort after all the wine; a blush slowly creeping onto his face.

Yet Yun Jian looked unaffected.

Could she be a heavyweight drinker?

Truth be told, Yun Jian was a heavyweight.

"Come on, cheers!" Ultimately, the boys nudged each other groggily, a few of them were already knocked out.

Li Xiangyi had passed out a long time ago.

Wen Rui and Wu Kui were relatively fine; of course, the most sober was Yun Jian.

"You guys! You’re worse than a girl. Wake up, wake up. Cheers! We’re not going home until everyone’s drunk!" Wu Kui was exceptionally excited, clinking his wine glass with those who were close to passing out from being inebriated.

"This is how they are. Don’t be alarmed." Wen Rui chortled in embarrassment as he sat beside Yun Jian.

"Mm," Yun Jian hummed with a nod looking at the youthful teenagers, "It’s great."

’It’s great to possess such youth like this’ was what she thought.

Worried about leaving Qin Yirou alone at home, Yun Jian bid goodbye while it was still early.

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The gathering was to welcome Yun Jian into the team; now that the main guest was gone, the party ended as well.

The boys who were still sober helped the intoxicated ones home respectively.

When Yun Jian got home, it was 7 pm in the evening.

Qin Yirou was already in bed. The dinner and utensils set on the table appeared to not be touched but it was evident that Qin Yirou had more or less had eaten some.

Yun Jian cleaned up the dinnerware and went to bed as well.

The next day was Sunday.

As the evening’s warm hues colored the sky, Yun Jian went to school for the evening self-study session carrying her bag.

She was here early as the classroom was still empty upon arriving. As time passed, more people came.

It had been half an hour since Yun Jian got to school when Lu Feiyan came.

Once she arrived, she sprinted to Yun Jian without putting down her school bag, muttering, "Xiao Jian, Xiao Jian, Lin Mengyu’s discharged from the hospital. I think she’s coming back to school today!"

Lin Mengyu? Yun Jian frowned.

If Lu Feiyan had not mentioned her, she had nearly forgotten who that person was.

"Oh." Yun Jian replied and resumed reading her book.

"Ay, Xiao Jian!" Anxious, Lu Feiyan pushed Yun Jian’s book away and said seriously, "Lin Mengyu’s the principal’s daughter. It was Yuan Yingjun, the popular guy, who covered the matter up the last time. Now that Lin Mengyu’s coming back and judging by her character, it’s impossible for her to act as if nothing happened. I’m scared that you’ll..."

Lu Feiyan grew even more fretful as she spoke.

Yun Jian cut her off and placated her. "Why am I afraid of her when I’m the one who hit her?"

Yun Jian knew that Lu Feiyan was genuinely concerned for her but just as she spoke, their Chinese class representative, Wang Rourou, walked to her carrying a stack of workbooks and said gloatingly, "Yun Jian, the teacher’s asking for you in the office!"

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