The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 510 - Killer Move—One Shot, One Kill

Chapter 510 - Killer Move—One Shot, One Kill

When Ge Junjian notified Chu Ning and the others, he had told them about the current situation and pointed out that the last five days of training would be conducted by Yun Jian, but the process would definitely be arduous.

Ge Junjian had also told them unsparingly that their title as Advanced Special Forces would possibly be plucked away without these five days of training.

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There was still hope to keep their title with the grueling training but without it, their identity as official Advanced Special Forces would be ripped right off.

All six people aside from Yun Jian chose to go through the demanding training without hesitation. They would never give up on their ASF positions and be replaced when they had an opportunity to enhance their abilities!

"Yun Jian’er, we can take it no matter how tiring and strenuous it is!" Chu Ning looked at Yun Jian seriously, gone was her usual cheeky demeanor and in place was solemness.

"Yes, I, Chu Xiangnan, am not afraid of hardsh.i.p.s!" Chu Xiangnan chorused.

The team was blazing with fighting spirit.

They had seen Yun Jian’s skills. She was young but her ability was nothing an ordinary person could compare to.

In addition, they had spent a long time together since they first got to know each other. Yun Jian had never made an empty promise nor had she done something she was incapable of. Each time, it was her who had led them forward.

It was not even an exaggeration to say that the glory and their status as Advanced Special Forces were achieved under Yun Jian’s guidance.

There was not one among the six of them who did not believe Yun Jian. Even if they did actually lose their rank as ASF this time, they held no regret for believing in Yun Jian!

"Who else can we believe in if not you?" Even Jiang Weiwei who had been scornful of the rest spoke up with a determined gaze at Yun Jian.

"Alright, let us begin then." Yun Jian smiled.

Her confidence startled Shao Weiming and others who stood far away. Nonetheless, said man was quick to snort, "Please, what’s she being so c.o.c.ksure for!"

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No one paid attention to him.

"Let’s start! Yun Jian, are we increasing the intensity of our training?" Chu Xiangnan stretched and asked the girl. According to his thought, it was a matter of course to add to the initial distance or weight of the off-road running to make headway.—All of them thought so.

After all, what other ways were there to instantly boost one’s ability?

Under Ge Junjian, Team Monarch, as well as Champ Squad and Flying Dragons’ watchful gaze, Yun Jian shook her head and denied Chu Xiangnan’s opinion.


"Then...?" Chu Xiangnan was confused, so was everyone else, actually.

Logically, Ge Junjian would never keep the method to himself if there were indeed a way to speed up the improvement of everyone’s ability within a short period of time. Therefore, no one, including the leader himself, could guess Yun Jian’s method.

"Yun Jian’er, spill it, come on!" Chu Ning was eager and urged Yun Jian.

The latter did not state it explicitly but stretched out her hand and hooked a finger toward Chu Xiangnan. "Fight me. Don’t hold back and try to defeat me."

Chu Xiangnan was perplexed, as was everyone else around them.

They were confused and doubtful about Yun Jian’s decision.

Nonetheless, Chu Xiangnan launched his attack with his full force after the initial shock. He was the weakest in Team Monarch but he was still a lot better than ordinary people!

As Chu Xiangnan’s hand flew to Yun Jian, the latter sidestepped and avoided his attack before his hand could come into contact with her body. At the same time, she grabbed Chu Xiangnan’s wrist and pressed down on his joint.

"Ah, ow, ow, ow...." Chu Xiangnan wailed before he was locked.

Yun Jian let go immediately and looked at her team, explaining slowly, "What I’m teaching all of you is a killer move, commonly used by assassins. One shot, one kill!"

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