The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 511 - TeaChapter Us Quick. To The Training Ground

Chapter 511 - TeaChapter Us Quick. To The Training Ground

If Yun Jian had just said that she was going to teach them a killer move just now, perhaps none of them would believe her.

A lethal move was what assassins used! It was like what Yun Jian had said, one shot, one kill.

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The biggest difference between an assassin’s lethal move and ordinary techniques was that the former emphasized killing the target in one single move. It was simple and brutal—as long as the target was killed within the shortest time possible.

Nonetheless, everyone there understood that no Tom, D.i.c.k, or Harry could pick up the assassination techniques as they wished.

Even if they knew it, the military would not emulate it.

Assassins were swift and agile when they assassinated, but to become one of them or a secret agent who was fit for the job, they had to flirt with death and survival!

It was the survival of the fittest as death was a constant in the realm of assassins and secret agents.

Yun Jian wanted to train the rest of her six teammates, but she was not going to ask Chu Ning and others to compete and kill each other to bring up the best among themselves like how she was trained as an assassin.

This was what she had endured in the organization when she was still the secret agent Slaying God in her previous life.

She had other ways to upgrade her teammates’ skills despite the short time.

What she said, however, had everyone there dumbstruck, including Shao Weiming and his comrades who were much farther away, as well as Ge Junjian who watched Yun Jian from the side.

"A kill-killer move? An assassin’s technique? Yun Jian, you know how to do that?" Chu Xiangnan could not help asking as he stared completely flabbergasted at Yun Jian.

The question had Ge Junjian perking up to listen. He had even recalled the moment he had first sought Yun Jian to become an Advanced Special Forces candidate. It was because she was unmistakably accomplished when she had killed Wolf Blade who ranked tenth in the international assassin chart.

How should one picture that, you ask?

Those 20 people, the top ten in the assassin and secret agent rankings respectively, were graded 3S as globally wanted criminals. Who knew how much martial power had to be deployed and how many Special Forces elites had to be sacrificed to subdue one of these 20 people...

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Yet, Yun Jian had killed Wolf Blade, who was ranked tenth in the assassin chart, alone.

Shao Weiming, Yu Fengcheng, and their colleagues were dumbfounded. Yun Jian knew an assassin’s move!

Furthermore, the capability she had shown when Chu Xiangnan attacked her just now was evidently a common technique of an assassin!

"I’ve met an elder by chance and these are what he taught me." Yun Jian blinked, not her first time telling a lie. There was no nervous twitching of her eyes or a stammer in her words when she lied, so no one realized that she was doing exactly that.

Actually, there was some sense of truth in her words.

There was an elder back then who taught her hypnotism, this elderly person was important to her.

It was just that these assassination techniques were Yun Jian’s years of experience as an international underground secret agent.

The militants bought her explanation immediately.

"Then teach us quickly!" Chu Xiangnan cried urgently, eager to learn what he was offered.

"There’s no hurry." Yun Jian’s chortle came in reply.

Shao Weiming and others who stood some distance away were also impatient to find out what Yun Jian’s killer move was all about. From what they had seen just now, there was no doubt that she was capable!

These men did not realize that the reason for their impatience to see Yun Jian teach was because they hoped to expand their knowledge and learn together.

Alas, Yun Jian smiled as she continued to say, "Let’s go to the training ground. I’ll teach you there."

Each team had its own training ground while other teams were prohibited from entering one that was not theirs.

It stung Shao Weiming and others.

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