The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 512 - I Wont TeaChapter On The First Day

Chapter 512 - I Won\'t TeaChapter On The First Day

"Okay, sure! We should’ve gone there a long time ago. Oh, Yun Jian, we can’t have snide copycats peeping at your brilliant techniques!" Chu Xiangnan was the first to exclaim with a clap.

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As he spoke, he blatantly glared toward where Shao Weiming was.

It made Yu Fengcheng and others feel awkward. Despite that, Shao Weiming snapped his head away with a scoff, stubbornly muttering, "Must be horrible techniques! Who’d want to look at it? Hah, what good can there be?"

Chu Xiangnan did not point him out but Shao Weiming had taken it personally. What was more amusing was that the latter did not even realize that he had promptly admitted to being a copycat as mentioned.

This made Chu Xiangnan exchange a look with Chu Ning before both of them burst out laughing, leaving Shao Weiming who was at a loss that he had become their laughing stock.

"Let’s go." Yun Jian suppressed her laugh but there was a tick in her lips, accentuating her dazzling charisma under the winter sunlight.

The group then made their way toward Team Monarch’s training ground with Ge Junjian trailing after them as he had the right to.

As for Shao Weiming and others, they were dying to follow but they were stuck rooted due to their earlier contempt toward Yun Jian.

Yu Fengcheng was rather disgruntled about it but he chided Shao Weiming with assumed fairness and justice, "Xiao Shao, we’re veterans in the troop. Stop being so rude to the newbies. We should be as harmonious as possible."

This was absolutely not how Yu Fengcheng would act before Yun Jian displayed her prowess.

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What did he say about Yun Jian and her team previously? Back when they were on the way to Country A for their mission, he had called them arrogant and rowdy in front of all three teams. He was saying that the newbies regarded themselves too highly.

The complete one-eighty in his attitude right now was glaring.

A fool could see that Yu Fengcheng had transferred his indignation to Shao Weiming because Yun Jian was going to teach but was not showing them it.

Shao Weiming was aggrieved as he gritted his teeth but he dared not disobey his team leader and could only reply distractedly, "Yes."


The seven of Yun Jian and team, plus Ge Junjian, had arrived at the training ground specifically reserved for Team Monarch.

The place was not exceptionally spacious but there was a complete plethora of training equipment available.

Before they became Advanced Special Forces, the team trained at the training camp. Now that they were official soldiers, they were allocated their training ground in the base.

This training ground was outdoors but it was in a segregated area. Shao Weiming and others could not come over to Team Monarch’s territory. It also allowed each Advanced Special Forces team to discipline themselves and concentrate on improving their abilities.

"Yun Jian, can you teach us now that those copycats aren’t around?" Chu Xiangnan was already itching to learn how Yun Jian had locked his wrist to a painful limp just as the team made their way to the training ground.

"The five-day training starts now but I won’t be teaching you any killer move on this first day," Yun Jian said as she fished out an anatomy chart from her pocket to spread it out in front of everyone.

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