The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 514 - Shes Going To Qing Yous House

Chapter 514 - She\'s Going To Qing You\'s House

For the duration after that, Yun Jian did not teach them any technique, merely asking Chu Ning and others to memorize everything on the anatomy chart and commit it to memory.

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The youths were hardworking, following exactly what Yun Jian said with faith and diligence.

Other than learning the human anatomy chart by rote, the team did not learn anything else for the first day.

Night crept upon them swiftly while they continued training until the night. By the time Yun Jian announced that they were done for the first day, her teammates could not help the breaths they s.u.c.k.e.d in.

Perhaps they had not felt fatigued at the beginning as all they had to do was memorize the anatomy chart but once they did that, they did it repeatedly, again and again. It felt like a torment—and this was only the beginning.

Ge Junjian drove his jeep and sent everyone home during the night, saying that he could send Yun Jian to Zhang Meihua’s house in Xinjiang Town when she was the last one left.

It was a two-hour drive from Longmen City to Xinjiang Town, thus Ge Junjian had a perfect excuse to stay the night when he dropped Yun Jian off.

Yun Jian did not refuse his kind offer as she intended to go to Xinjiang Town anyway since Qin Yirou, Yun Yi, and Yun Zhu were all still staying at Zhang Meihua’s place.

On the way back to their destination, Ge Junjian chatted with Yun Jian as they had nothing better to do. Suddenly remembering what happened between her mother and Ge Junjian, Yun Jian asked automatically, "Officer Ge, do you have a family?"

She was straightforward, preferring not to mince her words. The frankness took the man by surprise but he promptly smiled with a shake of the head. "I’ve parted ways with my ex-wife. I’ve got a son but he doesn’t quite like me so he’s now studying abroad."

The man ended it with a helpless sigh.

"Mm." Yun Jian nodded after that and it was the end of the conversation. This was Ge Junjian’s personal affair. It would be strange if she had asked too much.

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To go back to Xinjiang Town from Longmen City just to stay the night at Zhang Meihua’s was actually a lavish decision. Gas was expensive during this era and they had to report to the military camp for the next five days. If they were to do this every day, the depleting gas would amount to something exorbitant.

Nonetheless, Yun Jian could care less about the sum, as was Ge Junjian.

The latter did not usually have many rest days but as a high-ranking military officer, his monthly stipend was generous. He lived a comfortable life, owning a villa as a house that was located in the best area of Longmen City.

It was half past eight at night when they arrived in Xinjiang Town.

Yun Zhu was already in bed punctually while Qin Yirou was still cleaning up from dinner, Ge Junjian going to help her without being asked.

Everyone was there except Si Yi. He had gone back to An Hun and most probably would not be back for some time.

He had only left not too long ago but Yun Jian was already missing him. Gazing out from the window at the moon hanging in the sky, she was suddenly filled with emotions. Was he watching the moon too?

"Xiao Jian." Yun Yi’s voice came from her behind.

Without turning around, Yun Jian hummed her reply, "Mm, ge."

Yun Yi came to stand beside Yun Jian and looked up at the moon through the window as well, asking after a moment of hesitation, "Xiao Jian, do you know she... uh, where’s she now?"

Yun Yi was referring to none other than Qing You.

Yun Jian perked up immediately upon his question. Pulling back her gaze, she shifted it to Yun Yi and grinned. "Qing You went home. I’m going to visit her on the 12th day of Lunar New Year. Hmm... do you want to go too?"

Yun Jian asked purposefully but Yun Yi nodded without any show of hiding. "Yes!"

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