The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 515 - A Developing Relationship And The Start Of A Duel

Chapter 515 - A Developing Relationship And The Start Of A Duel

"Mm." Yun Jian nodded.

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Qing You was a high-ranking executive in Gu Sha Mercenaries but she was not an orphan. She was learning poison and drug administration under Snake.Lizard before she was taken in by the latter to assist her.

When Qing You was brought into the organization, she was already a young child with past memories. By the time she was working closely under Yun Jian and Snake.Lizard, she was capable on her own. By pulling some strings, finding her biological parents was not a challenge.

If it had not been for the military, Yun Jian would have gone to pay Qing You a new year’s blessings a long time ago.

After Yun Jian hummed her reply, Yun Yi stayed quiet. Both of them were silent as they stared at the moon strung up in the sky.

"Ge, I’m going to bed." Yun Jian pressed her lips together before blinking up at Yun Yi. "Still need to wake up early tomorrow."

"Mm, I’m turning in as well." Yun Yi nodded and went back to their respective bedroom alongside Yun Jian.

Since Yun Yi trained with Zhang Shaofeng under Yun Jian, he had not stopped training. He woke up early every day for a morning run or practiced throwing chopsticks like what Yun Jian had taught him, enjoying the process.

In his opinion, his younger sister was amazing. As her brother, if he did not work hard, how could he shamelessly be her elder brother?

The night slipped away peacefully.

When morning came, Yun Jian woke up early as usual, her circadian rhythm rousing her from sleep at a little past four in the morning. When it was half past four, she would get up from bed.

Yun Jian did not have the habit of sleeping without clothes. It was a practice she carried over from her past life because she had to remain alert no matter when it was. She was the best of the best on the international secret agent chart—it was an identity and status that evoked jealousy from her peers and colleagues, so there were naturally a lot of people who wished her dead in order to replace her.

If she had undressed herself to sleep, she would not have the time to wear any clothes if someone ambushed her in the middle of the night. Therefore, she went to bed without much routine and without removing any garments.

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Ge Junjian was already up when Yun Jian emerged from the dark. He was wearing his shoes seated on a stool downstairs. From the looks of it, he had just woken up as well.

They had to assemble in the military camp at half past six and they needed at least two hours to arrive there from Xinjiang Town. Hence, Yun Jian and Ge Junjian had agreed on waking up at half past four in the morning.

"Officer Ge, let’s go," Yun Jian said when she saw that the man was done wearing his shoes.

"Sure!" He agreed breezily and turned to head out with Yun Jian.

"Wait, Xiao Jian! Officer Ge!" Qin Yirou’s voice came from the kitchen behind them. She hurried out and thrust two eggs and four steamed buns to the both of them.

"Take these to eat along the way. No way you aren’t having breakfast!" Qin Yirou chided good-naturedly.

As she spoke and passed the food to Yun Jian and then to Ge Junjian, her fingers brushed past the latter’s callused hand. Blushing, Qin Yirou turned around nervously.

"Let’s go!" There was a smile on Ge Junjian’s dashing and principled face as he said to Yun Jian.

Yun Jian saw Qin Yirou and Ge Junjian’s interaction. After finding out about Ge Junjian’s family situation and knowing that he had gotten a divorce from his ex-wife, she was no longer opposed to the idea of the two a.d.u.l.ts getting together.

The two-hour journey zoomed past. As usual, the team was gathered at the training ground in full attendance.

In the following four days, Yun Jian kept her words. She was not killing her teammates but she made them feel like dying was a better choice.

Whether it was the execution or speed of a technique, Yun Jian punished the six of them if there was a slight mistake and it often ended up with them barely having the energy to pick up their arms.

As the six of them cried and m.o.a.n.e.d, grunted, and huffed, the four days that felt longer than years finally passed.

On the fifth day, the duel between Team Monarch and the Advanced Special Forces candidates who Ai Guoxun had trained officially began!

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