The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 516 - Meeting In F Province

Chapter 516 - Meeting In F Province

Ge Junjian took Team Monarch to F Province early in the morning on the fifth day.

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Ai Guoxun was the officer for F Province’s Advanced Special Forces and the candidates he had been training were elites selected from youth across the nation.

This time, the higher-ups had informed Ge Junjian to take Team Monarch to F Province’s military base for the duel.

It was fortunate that the province was not too far, not that it was close either. They had to drive five to six hours to the military base from Longmen City.

F Province was the area closest to the sea in Zhe Province. It was basically a city that sat by the ocean. The economy here was above average too as it was one of the trade frontiers of the country. It was even titled the City of Ocean.

Going to and returning from F Province would require more than a dozen hours of driving. As it was dangerous to drive for long hours, Ge Junjian had arranged for them to stay the night at a hotel there.

He planned for them to head to the military base first once they arrived in F Province for the duel against Ai Guoxun’s candidates. No matter the result, he was taking the team out at night for some fun since they had come all the way to F Province. It was not like they had an opportunity to visit the City of Ocean every day.

After checking in their hotel, Ge Junjian drove his jeep to F Province’s military base.

"Ah, what do we do? Yun Jian’er, I’m so nervous!" Chu Ning had pins and needles. Once she thought about how the duel later would be deciding if they could stay as Advanced Special Forces, she felt butterflies in her stomach—even when she clearly felt that the five days of training had significantly bettered her!

"Don’t fret. Just follow the matter of course." In contrast, Yun Jian was composed with a piece of paper between her fingers.

The paper she held was printed with the name list and resumes of the ASF candidate team they were going up against. Battling Dragons—that was the team’s name. The sheet of information in Yun Jian’s hand had the name, s.e.x, and age of each team member.

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"We’re here. Don’t be nervous. It’s alright even if we lose," Ge Junjian told the youngsters in his car after parking it by the entrance of F Province’s military base.

He was not going to put the blame on them even if they had lost.

"Mm!" With Ge Junjian’s words of encouragement, their overwrought hearts regained warmth instantly.


A line of people had long stood by the entrance of the military base of F Province.

The person who stood front and foremost was a middle-aged man donning the Advanced Special Forces uniform who slightly lacked in terms of looks compared to Ge Junjian, but was also exuding the upright air of a militant. He watched as the jeep slowly drove over.

This man was Ai Guoxun, Ge Junjian’s nemesis.

The moment he saw the jeep, he turned to look at the belligerent youngsters behind him. "You’re only allowed to win in this duel, understand?"

"Yes, sir!" The group of juniors behind him answered at once.

There were seven people in this group and only one of them was a girl. This was Battling Dragons, the ASF candidates who were challenging Team Monarch.

They watched as the jeep slowly came to a halt. When the door was opened, a beautiful girl hopped off the vehicle lithely. The girl’s appearance made them do a double take—she was so pretty!

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