The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 518 - A Definite Defeat—A Flatland

Chapter 518 - A Definite Defeat—A Flatland

Battling Dragons consisted of six males and one female. The latter did not speak much while this bigger sized young man who was over 100 kilogram stood out the most among the six males.

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In terms of size, members of Battling Dragons looked to be much larger than Team Monarch, especially the hefty guy called Lin Kuan. People would think that he was immensely strong judging by his build. As for Yun Jian and the team, they were lean and tall, like they did not possess much strength.

Ge Junjian who distinguished the contrast of both team’s physical appearances could not help frowning while Ai Guoxun glimpsed at him challengingly. He had long heard about it, that only Yun Jian and Jiang Weiwei were better out of the seven members in Team Monarch; the other five were lacking in ability.

Ai Guoxun came prepared this time. All seven youngsters in Battling Dragons were equally matched in their ability, so it was fine if two of them lost to Yun Jian and Jiang Weiwei—as long as the other five won.

This was a team duel, after all. Ai Guoxun gloated inwardly. He was going to trump Ge Junjian this time!

"Chief Yuan’s here!" A Special Forces soldier who was on duty for reception called out in excitement when he saw a figure making his way over.

Chief Yuan was Ge Junjian and Ai Guoxun’s superior. He was also going to be the decision-maker in the duel between Team Monarch and Battling Dragons.

Ge Junjian and Ai Guoxun gave a military salute to their chief instantly.

"You’re here? Everyone’s present, right?" Chief Yuan asked with a squint, looking at the youth of Team Monarch and Battling Dragons amiably instead.

"Yes! Chief Yuan, can we start now?" Lin Kuan’s excessively fat body shook as he tossed another taunting look at Team Monarch. In spite of it, his goading gaze toned down once it landed on Yun Jian.

She was too pretty! Lin Kuan could feel himself itching just looking at her.

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Other than the girl, all six young men in Battling Dragons were actually checking Yun Jian out.

"What about you all?" Chief Yuan shifted his gaze to Team Monarch and asked kindly.

"We’re always ready," Yun Jian answered without looking up. Team Monarch had taken her as their pillar of strength.

"Oh?" Chief Yuan made an inquisitive sound, as if interested in what Yun Jian said. Her ability did alarm all the senior officials across the country after all.

Chief Yuan had seen Yun Jian’s photo, so he could not help asking out of curiosity.

"We’re always ready because it’s definite that they’re losing!" Yun Jian repeated and supplied.

How insouciant! Even then, they felt a shudder from Yun Jian’s words.

"Pretty girl, don’t speak so fast. What do you mean we’re losing? Don’t you know there’s always a taller mountain and someone better?" Lin Kuan’s hot gaze roamed around Yun Jian openly.

Right in front of Ge Junjian and Chief Yuan, as well as everyone else, the girl looked back at Lin Kuan and spoke imperiously, "If you’re that mountain, we’ll make you a flatland today."

Victory was Team Monarch’s!

Chief Yuan could not help the squirm on the corner of his lips when he heard Yun Jian’s brimming confidence.

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