The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 52 - A Stern Threat From The Principal

Chapter 52 - A Stern Threat From The Principal

So fast? Yun Jian squinted her eyes.

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Lu Feiyan was shocked, she clutched her hands on the edge of Yun Jian’s clothes. She was fine but she was afraid for Yun Jian.

Yun Jian patted the back of Lu Feiyan’s hand as a sign of mollification before she tossed her book on the desk and stood up.

"Where’s the office?" Yun Jian asked, giving Wang Rourou a glance.

Since her rebirth, she had never gone to the teacher’s office.

"Pff, Yun Jian, have you turned stupid? Or are you scared now? So scared that you’ve even forgotten where the teacher’s office is? There it is! Go quickly." Wang Rourou said with a smirk, pointing towards the office’s direction whilst looking at Yun Jian in disdain.

Yun Jian set off toward where Wang Rourou pointed.

"Xiao Jian..." Lu Feiyan who stood unmoved twisted her hands together as she watched Yun Jian disappear from her sight.

The staff office was also in the classroom building and was not very far from their classroom.

After Yun Jian left class and found the office, she walked in with a confident stride.

The interior of the office was simple with plenty of teachers working on their own tasks at their tables.

Yun Jian went to Madam Jin’s table once she entered as she was her homeroom teacher.

Seated currently at Madam Jin’s table was not the teacher herself but Lin Mengyu who was just discharged from the hospital and whom Yun Jian had not seen for a long time.

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There was a bald middle-aged man who was in his fifties standing beside Lin Mengyu too.

Yun Jian had seen this man every Monday when it was a flag-raising day. He must be Lin Mengyu’s father, the principal of Xinjiang Town Junior High School.

"Here! She’s here!" Watching as Yun Jian approached, Lin Mengyu pointed at her menacingly, looking like she was going to tear her into pieces.

However much Lin Mengyu loved Yuan Yingjun, was equally as much as she hated Yun Jian.

She had been resting and healing in the hospital due to her broken rib bone, suffering immensely just to reattach the bones. Furthermore, Yingjun had asked to break up with her when she was hospitalized.

This was all because of Yun Jian. If it were not her, would she have ended up like this?

"This is Yun Jian from your class?" Seeing the ’culprit’ Yun Jian who made her daughter suffer for some time, Principal Lin with his bulky beer belly sounded fierce when he spoke to Madam Jin.

"Principal Lin, I think there must be some sort of misunderstanding. I’ve taught Yun Jian from Grade 7 to Grade 9. She’s a good kid and shouldn’t have done something like that to your daughter. Can you give her another chance..."

Madam Jin did not speak badly about Yun Jian to pander the principal as she knew of Yun Jian’s past character.

In spite of it, Principal Lin was set on vengeance for his daughter today. He did not care about anything, immediately pointing at Yun Jian and told Madam Jin harshly, "A good kid? Would a good kid be involved in a fight? She’s grimly defied our disciplinary rules just for this matter. What’s more, she hurt Mengyu!"

There was a pause before Principal Lin ordered Madam Jin in an undisputable tone, "Our school cannot accommodate a student like this! Ask the girl to leave today and settle her expulsion procedure. Otherwise, you know the consequences, Madam Jin! Hmph!"

Of course, Madam Jin knew the consequences. She understood what Principal Lin was saying. If she did not expel Yun Jian today, the one leaving would be her.

Yun Jian was indeed a good kid in her view, however; her results were slightly poor but she was always diligent.

She honestly did not want a child like this to be forced to drop out of school.

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