The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 522 - An Incredibly Swift Kick And Knock Down

Chapter 522 - An Incredibly Swift Kick And Knock Down

There was no doubt that those who were selected as Advanced Special Forces candidates were capable.

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Battling Dragons and Team Monarch were parallel in terms of ability. The reason Battling Dragons dared challenge Team Monarch was because the team made up of Yu Luo and team members had completed several military missions just like the latter.

Their performance was not as outstanding as Team Monarch’s but their overall ability was excellent.

When they had sprinted toward the mountain peak, everyone in Battling Dragons was brimming with confidence and inwardly despising Yun Jian and team. That was because the seven of them accomplished their tasks so speedily that it was almost illogical not to look down on them.

It was a reality that no one could deny.

Nonetheless, the missions that Team Monarch carried out and their process of completing them were never disclosed.

Battling Dragons were different. The reason they made a name for themselves was because they had completed another huge mission just previously—sneaking into the underground black market and seizing an executive member of a mafia group!

This was just a result and did not sound as impressive as Team Monarch, but Yu Luo and her teammates had gone through various hardsh.i.p.s when they sneaked into the underground scene to catch the executive member.

They had disguised themselves to blend into the black market, but they encountered a confrontation with people there and were even injured, before finally accomplishing the task.

These were known facts by anyone in the military.

What about Team Monarch, though? What had they gone through back when they went after the international thief for the stolen antique?

Champ Squad and Flying Dragons who had gone with them for the mission must not have known too. This caused Yu Luo and her team to assume that Yun Jian and others were just lucky without any substantial ability.

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What they did not know, however, was that Yun Jian had personally wiped out a foreign mafia group during her first mission.

It was what Ge Junjian had purposely kept confidential so the news was not spread, thus Yu Luo and her team had naturally not heard about it.

When Yun Jian and the members of Team Monarch were catching up, Battling Dragons had just thought that they had good stamina. Yu Luo and members were confident about their skills but they lacked in their physical strength and stamina.

Therefore, during the last few steps of the staircase, Yu Luo had two weaker and slower members stop their run to block Yun Jian and her team. The other four of them, including Yu Luo, who ran the fastest would sprint for the finishing point that was also their starting point with the mini red flags.

This ploy was Yu Luo’s ultimate trick.

She also thought that for two guys to stop Yun Jian and team, as long as they could hold on to the edge of their clothes, it was enough for the four of their own team members to dash for the finishing point.

Just as Yu Luo turned to sneer at Yun Jian, telling the latter with her gaze that she was going to reach the finishing point first...

Just as Ge Junjian, Ai Guoxun, and Chief Yuan watched through the bushes some distance away, the view cleared as two guys pounced at Yun Jian who was the first to come down with the intention to grab their clothes and stop them from moving forward...

Yun Jian looked like she had been prepared for it. With a smirk, she jumped up from the step with both of her feet the moment the guys went in for her. As if wearing springs on her legs, her feet kicked both of the guys’ stomachs once she was in the air.

Both young men were clearly not expecting it. In a flash of an eye, Yun Jian had knocked both of them down to the muddy ground beside the path.

As for Yun Jian, she made a 360 degree flip in the air, like how people in action movies did, and landed securely before she ran forward without lingering for even a second.

The scene amazed Chief Yuan and the officers who were standing farther away while Yu Luo who was looking back at Yun Jian in disdain was baffled!

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