The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 523 - Shes Guessed It. Unqualified

Chapter 523 - She\'s Guessed It. Unqualified

While Yu Luo was dumbstruck, Yun Jian ran past her with her swishing long hair.

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Chu Ning and the other five teammates, who were used to Yun Jian’s skill, were still more or less impressed when they witnessed her abilities again, but it was growing common for them, so they moved on only after a slight halt.

Other than Chu Ning who reproached Lin Kuan, the others like Liu Shiyun had not even made a sound since the start of the race. They were still feeling tireless right now!

What it resulted in was Jiang Weiwei surpassing Yu Luo and her team who were dumbfounded right after Yun Jian. Then, Chu Ning and others followed one after another.

Just as they reached the flat ground, Yun Jian began to accelerate. She had been running at a constant speed previously while the other six had followed, moving in a fixed velocity. Now that all of them were on a flatland, they were moving faster.

When Yu Luo and her team realized it and were trying to catch up while cursing, Yun Jian and her teammates were already speeding up for their final dash.

Among the seven of them, Chu Xiangnan who could be considered the slowest in running had already surpassed them and was ahead of Yu Luo and her team as well.

The difference between them was that Chu Xiangnan still had boundless energy, but Yu Luo and her team were exhausted. Now that Team Monarch had surpassed them, they were too drained to chase after them.

The end was decided. All seven members of Team Monarch were racing for the finishing point respectively!

Chief Yuan’s initial rule was to take into account only the first seven people who came in first. Whichever team that took the majority count in those seven people would be considered the winner of that round.

Now, Yun Jian and her six other teammates had taken all the spots as the first seven to complete the race. Not even one member from Battling Dragons made it into the top seven!

The result had shocked not only Chief Yuan as well as Ge Junjian and Ai Guoxun who stood beside him but also everyone currently present in the military base.

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By the time Yu Luo and her team made it to the finishing point, nothing was disputable.

Yu Luo plopped on the ground in disappointment, clenching her jaws.

They were done! Battling Dragons had no more chances!

There were two rounds for the duel between Team Monarch and Battling Dragons but the premise for that to happen was Battling Dragons winning the first round, which was this hiking race. Otherwise, they would not qualify for the second round.

"Hahaha, amazing. Very interesting!" Chief Yuan snapped back from his shock and laughed loudly. Looking at Ge Junjian appraisingly, he lauded, "Old Ge, this Team Monarch of yours is great! Very promising! I’ve never seen too many captains as excellent as this in my life!"

The mentioned captain referred to Yun Jian. After all, she had been guiding everyone like a leader all this while. If she had not led the way, Team Monarch might actually be trapped by Battling Dragons.

"Chief, our Yun Jian’er is marvelous! Heh, how could Battling Dragons compare to us?" Chu Ning grinned in self-satisfaction as she plucked the courage to talk to Chief Yuan.

To be honest, Yun Jian’s consideration was comprehensive in their five-day training. She had only spent the first day asking the team to memorize the anatomy chart and prepared the rest of the four days to train them physically.

What impressed Chu Ning and the rest was that Yun Jian had mentioned back then that the duel might not be a battle of skills. If they were contested on physical strength, all of them needed to work on their stamina and energy other than training for a killer move.

As expected, Yun Jian had made an accurate prediction!

They had learned the assassin’s move and trained physically! Winning the first round now meant that they did not have to continue to the second round of battling their skills against Battling Dragons.

This was because Battling Dragons had already lost the qualification!

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