The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 525 - The Famous Yongchun Martial Club

Chapter 525 - The Famous Yongchun Martial Club

Ultimately, Yun Jian went out with Chu Ning and others being semi-hauled and semi-shoved by them. Chu Ning also mentioned that they had won the duel today so easily because of Yun Jian. If it were not for her, how could they have won the match in a breeze? Unable to withstand the girl’s insistent pestering, Yun Jian went along with them.

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Being crowned the City of Ocean, F Province was the city with the most convenient coastal trade in Country Z. Its busiest area, the street people called Upper Street, was a prosperous domain teeming with people and traffic.

As the exemplary largest area of trade in the country, ordinary households in F Province were already achieving middle class status. Cars were also no longer a rare sight on the roads here.

Compared to Longmen City, F Province was generally several notches higher in standard.

Chu Ning had seemed pretty wild and rough usually but she was all in all a girl. Once they arrived at the street, she began shopping for clothes and shoes.

Liu Shiyun and the others were rather patient as they waited for her to try clothes after clothes. As for Yun Jian, she leaned against a pillar in the shop with closed eyes for some rest.

"Let’s go over there and have a look!"

Chu Ning tossed another big bag of new purchases to Chu Xiangnan and was about to head to another fashionable shoe store when the latter gave up, grumbling at her helplessly, "Hey, Chu Ning, this is enough! I can barely hold all the bags. Are you going to put the hauls on my head next? Also, are you fine with everyone waiting for just you to shop around?"

When Chu Ning bought new clothes and shoes, she had made Chu Xiangnan carry all of them.

"Heh heh..." Meeting his eyes embarrassedly, Chu Ning pressed her lips together and finally settled with an apologetic smile. "I couldn’t control myself for a moment there."

"Where are we going to next?" she asked with a crack of a grin.

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"I heard that there’s a martial club in F Province that’s the biggest in Country Z. The equipment there is the latest too. We can go check it out?" Fang Xiaoran who had been silently suggested.

"That’s wonderful? Heh, of course, we have to go visit!" Chu Xiangnan agreed on the first instant he heard it but he asked for the rest of the team’s opinion, "What about you guys? Wanna go?"

"I think it’s a great suggestion." Liu Shiyun was interested as well.

The others had no objection and all of them turned in unison to see what Yun Jian thought.

"Yes." Yun Jian gave a one-worded reply.

"Let’s go then!" Chu Xiangnan was the first to bolt forward with his hands full of Chu Ning’s shopping hauls.

Asking around, the group came to the most renowned martial club in F Province, the Yongchun Martial Club.

Established with 300 to 400 years of history, Yongchun Club’s master was said to be its fifth generation successor and was highly skilled in his expertise.

Yongchun Martial Club was regarded highly in the province. Yun Jian and her team had gotten the club’s address by simply asking around passersby. With the given directions, they arrived at the club entrance after a short while.

The entrance of Yongchun Club was a good ten meters tall. It was truly not a joke that it was Country Z’s biggest martial club.

Upon entry, a receptionist welcomed them politely at the front desk and asked, "Hello. Welcome. Are you long-term members here?"

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