The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 526 - Partner Up And Spar. Its Them?

Chapter 526 - Partner Up And Spar. It\'s Them?

The receptionist’s polite question greeted Chu Ning and the team.

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"No, it’s our first time here," Chu Xiangnan told the receptionist before everyone else.

A registered long-term member was the type of person to frequent Yongchun Martial Club and have a membership card on hand.

"Would you like to sign up for a long-term membership then?" asked the receptionist again.

"No thanks." This time, it was Yun Jian who answered.

They were not going to stay long-term in F Province. They were here now because of Battling Dragons’ challenge.

Basically, they would not be utilizing the card. Even if they had signed up for it, they could not use it if they were not visiting the province.

"Okay." The receptionist nodded and registered Yun Jian and the others.

There was a lot of martial art training equipment in the martial club as well as selected instructors to teach the students, so this place was a youth’s primary choice for a training venue. Of course, there were also posers who learned martial arts to look cool.

This martial club charged by the hour, while registered long-term members paid according to semesters or years. People like Yun Jian and her team who would only be here once naturally paid by the hour.

This was only Yongchun Martial Club’s rules. Other martial clubs might charge differently.

Upon discussion, Liu Shiyun and others decided to spend two hours in the club. Chu Xiangnan who came from a rich family had never lacked money and had rushed to clear everyone’s payment when they were required to pay.

Since knowing that Chu Xiangnan had no regard for such an amount of money, the team accepted his kind gesture. After the registration was done, Yun Jian followed the other six members past the front desk and into a dome-shaped door modeled after an ancient building.

When they were at the front desk, the interesting interior of the martial club could not be seen. A large screen was placed behind the front desk to block the view of the inside of the club and one could only hear the shouts of the training teenagers inside.

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Just as Yun Jian and her team entered the club, they were greeted by a fully modified mirror wall in front of them. Painted on the left of the space was a huge calligraphy character that stood for "martial art".

A big group of teenagers similar to Yun Jian’s age stood in the center while a martial art instructor who was performing martial art movements stood in front of them. He looked to be in his forties with a square face and had single eyelids.

There were many sandbags hung in the club alongside equipment used during practices.

When the instructor who stood before the group of teenagers saw the seven members of team Monarch, he stopped immediately to ask looking at them, "Are you all new?"

"Mm." Chu Xiangnan who was standing closer to the instructor nodded dumbly.

"My family name’s Xu. Just call me Coach Xu," Coach Xu said loudly before gesturing for seven of them. "Come over, let’s learn some moves together!"

Chu Xiangnan and Chu Ning ran over excitedly at Coach Xu’s invitation. Yun Jian went along as well, standing beside the group of teenagers where it was nearer to the corner.

Learning was something Yun Jian prioritized both in her past and present lives.

There was no doubt that Coach Xu was the master of Yongchun Martial Club, the fifth generation successor of Yongchun.

After he taught a set of punches, Coach Xu asked everyone to sit down in a circle.

"Have all of you understood this set of punches? It’s now time to test it out. Come up one by one later, pair up and show me how you spar," said Coach Xu with his arms crossed in front of his c.h.e.s.t.

Right after that, a yell came from the entrance. "Uncle! We’re here!"

The familiar female voice made Yun Jian who sat in a circle with everyone else on the floor raised her brow.

It was them?

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