The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 529 - Careless Shooting. Release The Hostages

Chapter 529 - Careless Shooting. Release The Hostages

A hostage situation!

Everyone pictured the armed intrusion as mentioned at the same time.

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Could these invading gunned men dressed in black belong to some assassin organization?

Yu Luo who had been aggressive just earlier paled instantly when she saw these gunned intruders in black.

Everyone in Battling Dragons was aghast. No one had expected this!

Coach Xu’s frown was deep. He was also nonplussed by the incident, having never dreamed of his martial club being invaded by these unknown criminals. Although he did not know what they wanted, it was obvious from their tone that these men in black were up to no good.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!" Alas, it was the first time the youth in the martial club met a situation like this. To them, such a danger would only happen in movies—never would they encounter a terror like this in reality!

Consequently, all the youngsters shrieked involuntarily.

Yun Jian’s gaze turned sharper, not expecting this group of men in black to barge into a martial club suddenly as well.

Coach Xu swallowed. Threatened and held at gunpoint, he was the first to realize that things were dire.

"Quiet! Quiet down!" he shouted at the members.

In spite of it, the youth there had never experienced such an encounter. They were already scramming everywhere in terror-stricken panic. How could they listen to Coach Xu?

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The man clad in black was enraged. Holding his pistol, he opened fire at three youngsters who were scrambling.

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The three of them collapsed at the sound of the gunshots before blood oozed and life was drained from three bodies.

They were dead! Dead!

Everyone clammed up in shock when they saw the scene, quickly finding corners to hide themselves.

"Continue to run and this is how you’ll end up!" The man in black with the pistol did not look like he was aware that he had killed three people. Sneering with reckless regard for life, his eerie gaze sent chills down everyone’s back.

Yu Luo who was vehement earlier packed up all her gusto, not daring to make a sound.

Beep, beep, beep...

The siren of police cars rang outside of the martial club, obviously having come for these men in black.

Those who had originally been in the martial club were quick to realize that they had perhaps been held hostages! These gunned men in black could be criminals from some unlawful organization! After all, which ordinary person would have a pistol with them?

When the man in black saw that everyone was too scared to make another sound, he scanned the room with his pistol before shouting, "Hands on your head, squat down!"

With trembling legs, no one dared defy the man as they did what was told. Even Chu Ning, Chu Xiangnan, and others obeyed. Under such circ.u.mstances, one would be killed if they refused to follow the order. There was no way to fight violence with violence for now.

Yu Luo and team, including Coach Xu, were infuriated but they dared not say a thing. This bunch of men had killed three people just now! Three young, vibrant lives were taken away just like that!

No one dared make a sound about it, however, as all of them were scared, terrified of the guns in the men’s hands.

There was a glint in Yun Jian’s eyes as she followed the crowd, squatting down with hands on her head. It was best to stay quiet and unnoticed before the situation was comprehended.

Once everyone was down on the floor with hands on their head, the police’s loud booming voice through the megaphone came from the outside. "Let go of the hostages and surrender right now. We’ll take action otherwise!"

Hostages! These men in black really were criminals. Everyone else in the martial club was just an unfortunate victim who got caught in the turmoil.

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