The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 53 - An Address, His Longtime Lover

Chapter 53 - An Address, His Longtime Lover

Yun Jian blinked, not expecting Madam Jin to stand up for her.

After all, not many people could stand firm on their teaching principle under the oppression of Principal Lin but Madam Lin was one of the rare few.

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Yun Jian refused to put Madam Jin in a difficult situation, speaking up after glancing at Lin Mengyu who hid behind her father, "I’ve indeed beaten Lin Mengyu up."

Those involved, including the teachers in the office who were watching, were all stunned.

No one expected Yun Jian to admit it.

Principal Lin’s beer belly shook from his anger. As he was going to lash out, Yun Jian cut his turn again.

"That’s because Lin Mengyu beat me up first. If fighting is breaking the school rules and results in expulsion, may I ask Principal Lin if Lin Mengyu should be expelled alongside me?"

Principal Lin looked appalled while the teachers there were also shocked.

They thought that the girl was going to plead for herself but she was actually unafraid of being expelled and was even bold enough to ask for Lin Mengyu to be dismissed with her.

Did she not know that Lin Mengyu was Principal Lin’s daughter? How could the principle throw out his own daughter?

"Bullshit, when did I hit you? Look at how well you’re doing right now. Do you look hurt? Yun Jian, have some face!" Lin Mengyu lied without missing a beat and had even twisted the story around.

It was no surprise that Principal Lin was biased to his daughter as he instantly agreed. "Mengyu is a kind child. It’s impossible that she even lay a finger on you. Something as uncouth as fighting all the more? You are such a young girl, yet you spew nonsense after hitting someone. Shameless. Xinjiang Town Junior High can’t have you as its student!"

Principal Lin’s underlying words were "Scram, go back to where you come from".

Lin Mengyu was a kind child?

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Yun Jian nearly burst out laughing.

The joke was more hilarious than claiming pigs could fly.

The teachers in the office sighed unanimously.

They were certain about who was right and who was at fault. After all, everyone could see how Lin Mengyu behaved in school.

It was just that no one commented, keeping their complaints to themselves, not daring to offend the principal.

The teachers were also lamenting Yun Jian’s luck; she could offend anyone but she had chosen the principal’s daughter.

Today was her unlucky day!

"There’s no way you’re not being expelled today!" Principal Lin roared with an angry shudder after speaking for long succession.

"Just you wait for the expulsion notice!" Principal Lin huffed with a glare at Yun Jian from the corner of his eyes and turned to pick up Lin Mengyu who was seated at Madam Jin’s table to leave.

"Hey, Principal Lin, calm down. Yun Jian’s still a child. She doesn’t know much and simply just blabbered. Yun Jian, quickly, go apologize to Principal Lin!" Madam Jin panicked when she saw that the principal was leaving, meaning that Yun Jian’s expulsion was certain. She hurriedly pulled the girl and asked her to make an apology, intending to ease the principal’s anger first.

Yun Jian let herself be tugged by the teacher.

Just when the teachers and Principal Lin, as well as Madam Jin, and Lin Mengyu, all thought that Yun Jian had realized her mistake and was going to ask for forgiveness or apologize, Yun Jian stood in front of Principal Lin and said, "Unit 202, Level 2, 156 Bibo Road, Xinjiang Town."

Huh? A huge question mark hovered over everyone’s head when they heard Yun Jian. – Except for Principal Lin who felt a spasm run through him.

Wasn’t this his longtime lover’s address?

How did she know!

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