The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 530 - Criminals—Inferno Again

Chapter 530 - Criminals—Inferno Again

Having subdued everyone, the man in black who shot three youngsters just now turned to another man on his side, speaking in English, "Jay, go tell the foolish police that if they dare barge in, they can forget about the near hundred people we have here in the martial club leaving this place alive!"

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The man in black addressed as Jay nodded and turned to leave with the instruction.

Yun Jian cast her gaze down and pressed her lips together.

From the men’s speech and action, they were visibly foreigners. No one noticed their foreign identities earlier because they had black gauze masking their faces, leaving only pairs of dark eyes.

Yun Jian had also come to a conclusion swiftly.

These men in black had invaded the martial club and taken them hostage mainly because they had a lot of people here! Coach Xu alone had almost 100 students in the club. In order to escape the police, holding a bunch of people hostages was far better than detaining one or two of them.

The police might send someone directly to save the victims if it had been only one or two hostages kept but if it were a group of captives, the police would rouse a bigger commotion if they attempted a rescue. Moreover, if all of the hostages here were killed, that would surely cause large scale havoc for society.

Therefore, the police would have to think twice in trying to save the hostages.

The man called Jay came back shortly. Going to the man who had just killed the three youngsters. He looked to be the leader of these gunned men, he spoke back in English, "Those police are scared now but they aren’t withdrawing. Hertz, we should call the HQ and ask for backup."

It sounded a lot like these men belonged to an organization.

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Yun Jian’s eyes were trained on the floor. Yu Luo and her team were terrified to silence. So what if they were candidates of the Advanced Special Forces? They were only candidates! Their enemy had firearms!

The man named Hertz fished out a cellphone from his pocket and made a call. No one in the room dared make a sound and it was pin-drop silence except for the call’s monotonous dialing tone that filled the air.

There were also the corpses of the three teenagers who were shot dead earlier, a gory sight that intimidated anyone who laid eyes on them.

Everyone was shaking in terror and trepidation. Faced with these terrorist-like criminals, even Coach Xu dared not speak up. Staying down with hands on their heads, they were scared to be seen and then killed like those three teenagers by these black-dressed men should they even move.

The call was connected then.

The man called Hertz spoke up at once. "I’m Hertz. I’m on a mission in Country Z. My whereabouts are discovered by the police and I’m enclosed in a martial club. Send support quickly."

"Roger that." The answer on the other end of the line was brief before the sound of the call being hung up was heard.

Hertz pocketed his phone after hanging up. The motion coincidentally revealed the back of his hand that had been covered securely.

By chance, Yun Jian caught a glimpse of it. There was a golden rose on the back of Hertz’s hand. It looked like it was imprinted on the skin with something impactful and the golden rose was glaring.

Yun Jian’s eyes narrowed immediately. That was... Inferno Ring’s emblem!

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