The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 531 - Not Backing Down. Fierce, Violent And Ferocious

Chapter 531 - Not Backing Down. Fierce, Violent And Ferocious

Each member in an assassin or secret agent organization had a symbol unique to their group. Gu Sha Mercenaries’ was a skull insignia.

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Inferno Ring, the assassin organization that came after An Hun Group and Gu Sha Mercenaries. The reason Yun Jian was so certain that the mark on the back of Hertz’s hand was Inferno Ring’s emblem was because she had studied it.

Ever since she found out that the organization that killed her younger brother in their previous life was Inferno Ring, the organization after An Hun and Gu Sha in ranking, she had been collecting information about the group.

Although Yun Jian’s baby brother was back, she was not stopping now. Yun Jian had always been one to take revenge on grudges and requite favors. She was extremely biased to her own people and her limit must never be tested.

Her baby brother was her limit—and Inferno Ring had been the tip that touched that bottom line!

Yun Jian had not done anything to Inferno Ring previously because the old folks in Gu Sha were still active. It was simply irrational and unwise to confront Inferno Ring with Gu Sha’s earlier state. A careless move would possibly turn the tables and cause Gu Sha to be wiped out by Inferno Ring.

Now that the senior folks in Gu Sha were just eliminated, the organization was still going through a revamp. Those old men had their influence stretched deep, after all, so Snake.Lizard and Tiger.Leopard had their hands full these days.

It was still unbeneficial for Gu Sha to fight Inferno Ring with the current situation, thus Yun Jian stayed waiting.

Although her baby brother was back now, the state of his death in their previous life remained an unforgettable sight in Yun Jian’s heart. She wanted the Inferno Ring to pay for what they had done!

While Yun Jian knew that Gu Sha Mercenaries did not currently have the capacity to square up to Inferno Ring, she was not going to watch her chance slip by when the latter had come knocking on her door today.

Since Inferno Ring dared hurt her brother, she was going to give them a significant Lunar New Year’s gift in return!

Right after Hertz called the headquarters and pocketed his phone, Yun Jian stood up slowly. Her eyes were burning with hostility as she stared straight at Hertz and the rest of the men dressed in black from Inferno Ring.

Despite everyone’s shocked gaze, Yun Jian stood up with her eyes trained on Hertz. Her tone was inexplicably furious. "You’re from Inferno Ring?"

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She was getting herself killed! Everyone in the room thought in alarm.

These men in black had gradually diverted their attention from them, meaning that they would not be shot dead like the three youngsters earlier. Yet, Yun Jian stood up so suddenly and spoke to Hertz who was the murderer in such a resentful tone.

Was she tired of living? What was up with her?

These men’s attention was back to all of them again!

So she wanted to get herself killed—she should not be involving them!

Yu Luo watched Yun Jian stand up in terror, so did Coach Xu. Chu Ning, Chu Xiangnan, and the rest of Team Monarch were confused but they watched her in worry.

Everyone in the room was now watching Yun Jian. Hertz and his men shifted their gaze to her too.

"A little girl? Hah, you asked for death!" Hertz replied to Yun Jian in Chinese and raised his pistol, planning to kill her with a shot.

"Answer me, are you from Inferno Ring?" Yun Jian raised her voice.

Her sudden loudness caused Hertz’s hand that was pointing the gun to Yun Jian and pulling the trigger to a halt.

"Heh, since you know about our identity, you have to die all the more!" Hertz cackled and continued to aim for Yun Jian with his pistol.

"Same to you. All of you from Inferno Ring have to die!" Yun Jian declared as her gaze turned piercing.

The gleam was a brief flash.

The occupants in the room were bewildered but they felt their hearts clench. How bold of her to be so savage with these criminals!

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