The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 533 - Dirtied My Knife. Dog Eat Dog

Chapter 533 - Dirtied My Knife. Dog Eat Dog

All of them were thrown aback and were stupefied by the situation. From what they knew so far, those who could avoid bullets should probably be deities. How could a mere mortal avoid the bullets?

In spite of their belief, what Yun Jian had achieved was completely mind-boggling.

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While she had dodged the bullet with a close call, she threw a flying dagger to pierce through Hertz’s eyeball at the same time!

She pierced it through their eyeball!

Brutal! The speed and accuracy she had flung the flying knife was precise too, without a hair’s width of deviation!

How could the observers not be stunned?

Yu Luo and her team members had dropped their jaws a long time ago as they took in Yun Jian’s unexplainable skills with wide eyes. Coach Xu and the youth of his martial club were also completely dazed. As for Chu Ning and the rest of Team Monarch, they were in the know of Yun Jian’s ability, but what she had just done still renewed their impression of her.

Ability? Someone like her was what you would call capable!

"Argh!" Hertz went down slowly with a palm over his left eye as he let out an excruciating cry. The men dressed in black behind him pointed their guns at Yun Jian immediately.

Nonetheless, these guys dared not act recklessly after Hertz’s shot was countered by Yun Jian’s flying dagger.

Standing in front of the escort of men, Yun Jian did not budge. She was not even fearful of the pistols that were aimed at her.

"Kill her! Kill her!" Still covering his busted eyeball, Hertz did not pull out the butterfly knife. Instead, he withstood the searing pain and ordered his men.

"You’ve dirtied my knife." Yun Jian’s monotonous voice rang again just as Hertz glared at her through his only functional eye in boundless resentment with one hand holding his pierced left eye.

Yu Luo and others felt their heart stutter in terror when Yun Jian spoke with complete calmness despite being the target of so many pistols.

It was at that moment that they were aware of one thing—Yun Jian was not even human!

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These men in their black getup were criminals! Criminals who had guns!

Yun Jian was unruffled. She was not only unafraid, but she also hit back. She blinded the criminal’s eye and had the guts to tell him things like he had dirtied her knife.

Did she not know that she would trigger the men?

If the firearms these men were gripping were shot, everyone in the martial club could forget about leaving the place alive.

"Ah! Kill her! Kill her! Kill this girl! Die!" Hertz had never been humiliated like this. Staring at Yun Jian with one eye, he began to growl in berserk the moment he opened his mouth.

"Yes." Hertz’s subordinate who was standing beside him, Jay, nodded.

He picked up his pistol and took aim where Yun Jian was.

Bang! He fired a shot.

It was just, the instant he pulled the trigger, he shifted his pistol from Yun Jian back at Hertz’s heart.

The loud gunshot killed Hertz there and then. When he collapsed, he looked at Jay who shot him in surprise. Disbelieved, he roared at Jay using his last sliver of strength, "You..."

"I’ll kill her and I’ll also take over your place. So, please die, Hertz." Jay watched the man succ.u.mbed to his wound without an expression.

Hertz fell with a thud, dead.

The hostages were baffled once again.

It was a dog eat dog case with these people!

Yun Jian narrowed her eyes slightly but the murderous glint in them grew more obvious. Hertz clearly did not have Jay’s boldness.

"That fool didn’t manage to kill you but I should send you on your way now." After wiping out Hertz, Jay turned to tell Yun Jian.

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