The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 534 - A True Slashing God. A Slit To The Throat

Chapter 534 - A True Slashing God. A Slit To The Throat

Jay who killed his colleague seemed more terrifying than Hertz to the hostages. He killed someone on his side! What kind of heart did he have to be able to act so ruthlessly?

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"Yun Jian’er..." Chu Ning was overwrought for Yun Jian, scared that something would happen to her. She was so anxious that she could feel her heart trembling.

"It’ll be alright. Yun Jian’s so skilled. She can take care of it on her own! We can’t go out there or we’ll burden her and throw her off instead!" Chu Xiangnan had somehow grabbed Chu Ning’s hand and patted it to comfort her.

Worried that she would become Yun Jian’s trouble instead of her savior, Chu Ning hummed her agreement at the boy before nodding. Her gaze, however, stayed on Yun Jian who was some distance away.

The latter was staring straight at Jay with her captivating eyes as she stood rooted. There was no response from her after listening to Jay’s insolent declaration.

Jay did not dare act on impulse as well.

After all, what Yun Jian did just now was intimidating. Small-time assassins could barely avoid Hertz’s firing, some might even take a non-lethal blow. Yet, Yun Jian got away!

In addition, Yun Jian threw a butterfly knife that went accurately to Hertz’s left eye at the same time she avoided the gunshot.

To be honest, if Yun Jian had not triggered Hertz’s rage by piercing his left eye, Jay would not have the opportunity to kill and replace him.

Yun Jian was not enraged by Jay’s provocation nor was there a change in her expression. As Jay kept his guard up, Yun Jian moved her right leg suddenly. The man got defensive instantly, shocked by the abrupt motion.

He did not forget that Hertz had his left eye busted because he underestimated the girl just now.

Judging by the handful of hints earlier, this girl was not some easy target!

Yun Jian who picked up her right leg, to which Jay was skeptical of her intention, made her way to Hertz who was dead amidst the bubbling uncertainty of the criminals as well as Yu Luo and the stunned hostages.

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Jay had even moved aside subconsciously when he saw Yun Jian making her way to him, sparing her access to Hertz’s corpse.

What Yun Jian did just now was petrifying but now, she went to Hertz and stepped on his body mercilessly as she pulled out her butterfly knife from his left eyeball.

Sticking her hand into her pocket, she pulled out a few pieces of tissue to wipe the bloodied knife naturally.

"Filthy," she commented quietly.

Currently, Yun Jian had her back facing Jay and his men. The latter had wanted to take the chance and shoot Yun Jian.

"I hope your blood doesn’t spoil my knife." Still with her back against the criminals, Yun Jian’s melodic voice rang.

"What?" Jay’s hand that held his gun halted.

Shortly, Yun Jian who was done wiping her knife turned around slowly. Yu Luo and the others felt a shadow before their eyes in the next second—Yun Jian moved!

As she flashed, she pounced and rolled, coming to Jay’s lackeys in the blink of an eye. Her murderous streak began.

She moved like a ghoul. Everywhere Yun Jian passed through saw a black-dressed man collapsing, too late for them to react.

A true Slaying God! She slayed like she was cutting grass.

Yun Jian weaved through the men, none of them surviving where the blade of her butterfly knife swiped across. Ultimately, Jay snapped out of his shock only when all the men behind him had gone down.

In that moment, all the men who were clad in black and were killed, shared the same cause of death when the spectators trailed their gazes over them—a slit to the throat!

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