The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 535 - Irreconcilable—Annihilating All Of You

Chapter 535 - Irreconcilable—Annihilating All Of You

The girl’s tall figure became noticeable during that time. Yun Jian’s tall and lean form, as well as her long, smooth flowing high ponytail, were exceptionally eye-catching in the martial club under the fluorescent lighting.

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She was now a vision of terror and shock to Yu Luo and others.

She killed people! Those men fully dressed in black did not even know how they died! Was this the extent of her ability?

Yu Luo, Lin Kuan, and the team were overwhelmed by a jolt of fright. Although they were Advanced Special Forces, it was something else entirely from going on missions tasked to kill someone.

These criminals deserved to die. They had killed people in the martial club and threatened the police. There was no doubt that Yun Jian as an Advanced Special Forces member had the right to execute these criminals on the spot.

However, as an ordinary citizen, especially a ninth grader in school, yet Yun Jian did not show a tinge of horror. Going as far as killing the criminals without the slightest bit of fear!

If it had been Yu Luo, the girl swore that her legs would turn into jelly when her enemy intimidated her. The members of Battling Dragons were praised to be high and mighty but there was ultimately a limit to their heroism.

Yun Jian, on the other hand, had kept breaking the limit.

She was mysterious and tough to figure out!

Jay was genuinely scared when he witnessed the scene. He had been standing beside his men and out of the dozen of them, he was the only one left alive!

The young girl was killing people right before him and there was not even time for his men to pick up their guns and shoot her back. They got killed swiftly.

Was she still human?

For the first time, Jay felt fear creeping up from the bottom of his heart.

"Your turn." Yun Jian aimed her butterfly knife at Jay.

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The pistol in Jay’s hand should have been the more convincing weapon as Yun Jian was only holding a butterfly knife—even fools would know whether a gun or a knife was faster—but everyone was betting on Yun Jian’s knife.

Her performance just now had made them think that it was impossible for her to lose. She would not lose either!

"Inferno Ring shares no grudge with you. Young girl, why do you want to kill me!" Jay’s hand that was holding the pistol trembled a little but he kept a level gaze at Yun Jian, as if trying to buy himself some time and see if he could stay alive.

No one would want to die. If they could stay alive, who would pick death?

"Grudge?" Yun Jian flicked the butterfly knife gently. Looking down at it, her brother’s severed head and his dried tear tracks from her past life resurfaced in her mind.

It was not that Yun Jian was reluctant to walk away from the cruel reality of her previous life. Her character did not allow her to step back. Her baby brother Yun Zhu was treated so inhumanely—he was only eight!

Although Yun Zhu did not mention it, Yun Jian could see how deeply the incident had affected the boy from his actions in this lifetime.

Little Yun Zhu had never dared sleep alone. Back when he wanted to sleep with Yun Jian, he was pulled away by Si Yi. Said young man was nice to him, thus he depended on him. For the eight-year-old boy, these were all caused by the trauma before his death in his previous life.

Being killed so brutally, it was not like Yun Zhu’s memory from his past life was wiped away. The trauma that would accompany him for life was nothing a simple word of ’grudge’ could contain...

"You Inferno Ring and my Gu Sha Mercenaries shall forever stand irreconcilable! I, Slashing God, will annihilate all of you even if it takes all I have!" Yun Jian answered curtly with a sharp glare.

"Slash-slashing..." Jay stammered.

He was suddenly struck with realization. Slashing... Slaying?

"Slay-slaying..." Jay was flummoxed. By the time he recovered and thought of Yun Jian’s identity, his eyes went wide at her.

He was unable to get the last word out as a butterfly knife had flown over when he was caught in a stupor. It slashed his throat, nipping his last dreaded word in its bud.

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