The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 539 - 第542章信不过她,怎么可能

Chapter 539 - 第542章信不过她,怎么可能

Can’t Believe Her. How’s That Possible?

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Even Officer Bao could not help frowning when he saw Ai Guoxun pull out his pistol.

The average police officer was issued pistols while Ai Guoxun, as a leader of the Advanced Special Forces, had the right to carry a pistol.

Despite that, he had no right to point the pistol at Yun Jian.

Yun Jian was already an ASF soldier, but she was also just a 16 years old girl!

Even if she were truly controlled by the criminals, Ai Guoxun had no right to hold her at gunpoint! What he did pinched a deep crease between the brows of the police officers around them.

"Ai Guoxun, what are you doing?!" Ge Junjian scrunched his brows immediately at the sight of the man aiming his pistol at Yun Jian. Taking a large stride, he covered the tip of the pistol in Ai Guoxun’s hand so it was not directly against Yun Jian.

To say Ge Junjian was fuming was an understatement. He knew that Ai Guoxun had done that purely because of his resentment toward him. Unable to do anything to Ge Junjian, Ai Guoxun transferred his grudge to Yun Jian.

"What could I be doing? She must’ve been influenced by the criminals. Ge Junjian, you shouldn’t be covering for her like this even when you’re reluctant to admit it. You’re a militant. Think with your head. She’d never triumph over those criminals. I’m doing this for the sake of everyone here!" Ai Guoxun sounded self-righteous.

With a slap, Ge Junjian smacked the pistol in Ai Guoxun’s hand away, glaring at him in seething wrath.

"Ai Guoxun, try laying a finger on my troop!" Ge Junjian was shaking in anger. So enraged, he pulled out his pistol from his h.i.p.s too and perched it right against the man’s head as he growled.

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Officer Bao shuddered at the sight. There were two military officers arguing in front of him and both of them were leaders of the Advanced Special Forces! What in the world should he do during a situation like this?

Yun Jian had come down from the stairs then, stopping leisurely some ten meters away from both men confronting each other.

"Those people are dead." Standing where she was, her gaze was level as she looked at Ai Guoxun and Ge Junjian before the shocking words left her lips gently.

Those people were dead? The criminals? How did they die? How was it possible that they died? Unless...

All the police officers, Ge Junjian who was pressing a pistol against Ai Guoxun’s head, Ai Guoxun, and Officer Bao stared at Yun Jian, astonishment filled with terror evident in their expression.

Then, it was dead silent.

A short moment later, Ai Guoxun was the first to snap back into reality. He slapped Ge Junjian’s pistol that was on his head away and nagged at Yun Jian, "Dead? How’s that possible!"

As Ai Guoxun spoke, he rushed toward the martial club only to stop two steps later as if he remembered something. He picked up his pistol again and held it with one hand supporting the grip to move cautiously to his destination.

He still did not believe Yun Jian.

Casting her gaze down, Yun Jian found it funny when she watched the man walk past her carefully.

"Let’s head in as well." Ge Junjian kept his gun and gestured at Officer Bao, the handful of them marching toward the martial club afterward.

Yun Jian shrugged in vain before she followed them back to the building.

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