The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 541 - You Killed Them? She Killed Them

Chapter 541 - You Killed Them? She Killed Them

Yun Jian played with the butterfly knife with a smile, fl.i.c.k.i.n.g it a few times with the twist of the wrist, before easily pocketing the weapon.

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It stirred a bout of fear within everyone who watched, but what terrified them the most was not Yun Jian’s practiced ease in fl.i.c.k.i.n.g the butterfly knife about. It was... what the butterfly knife in Yun Jian’s hold signified!

The dozen of criminals who got slit in their throats and were currently dead on the floor were all killed by Yun Jian!—Without an exception!

Yu Luo and the rest of the majority were quivering in the corner while Chu Xiangnan and her team, who had no weapons, stood close by.

These criminals died from a blade injury. Other than Hertz who had an eyeball busted and a gunshot to his heart, the rest were all killed with a blade!

As Yun Jian flashed her butterfly knife and toyed with it twirling and fl.i.c.k.i.n.g, she was declaring something to the crowd—she killed them.

It was not like she was flaunting. She killed these criminals. There was no doubt about it. Moreover, so many of them had watched her do it. The truth would not be concealed. Even if she kept quiet about it, would the hundred over hostages not breathe a word?

In that case, Yun Jian would rather admit to it on her own. It was not like this was the end of the matter!

In the beginning. Hertz had called the headquarters of Inferno Ring. The phone call went through.

The man was probably someone ranked relatively high in the organization despite not being charted. Yun Jian was certain that Inferno Ring would send people here to save Hertz and the other men.

Now that the latter were killed, Inferno Ring had no knowledge of it yet.

When Hertz spoke to the headquarters through the phone, the majority of them in the martial club did not understand it. While some had learned English, conversational English was still different compared to what the teachers taught in school.

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Even if someone had figured out the conversation between Hertz and Inferno Ring’s headquarters, Yun Jian was not worried either. What she wanted to do now was to wipe out those people the headquarters were sending to save Hertz and others!

To achieve it, she had to collaborate with the police only because it would be more convenient to take care of the matter.

Yun Jian disliked hassle, so she had planned to expose her skill once she stepped out.

"You killed them?" Officer Bao stared at Yun Jian in disbelief as he pushed the words out of his mouth with much difficulty. There was simply too much shock in his system right now.

Others did not know it but Officer Bao was very well aware of how hard it was to pursue these criminals. He had tried so personally!

When Hertz and his gang failed to assassinate the deputy mayor of F Province and were discovered by the police, Office Bao had chased after them with his colleagues, only for Hertz and the gang to be trapped in the martial club.

While the criminals were unscathed, not even having anyone wounded, Officer Bao had several casualties on his side. Not that they died, but Officer Bao’s colleagues had sustained severe injuries during the pursuit of the criminals.

Faced with a formidable threat like this, Officer Bao had already decided to bring it up to his superior to request the support of Advanced Special Forces. When Ai Guoxun and Ge Junjian made their way here, the deployed ASF was arriving as well.

Who would expect these professional criminals to be killed by Yun Jian? A teenage girl had annihilated all of them!

"You don’t believe me?" Yun Jian crossed her arms in front of her c.h.e.s.t and tilted to the police with a squint.

Her relaxed stance shuddered them instead.

"She killed them." It was then a firm voice rang.

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