The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 543 - Organized, Not Looking Good

Chapter 543 - Organized, Not Looking Good

It was just that no one regarded what Yu Luo said.

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After all, Yun Jian’s ability had spoken for her. Her competence was not what Yu Luo could diminish with mere words. How could Yun Jian who was able to wipe out a gang of criminals be a weakling?

"Go on." Ge Junjian stared straight at Yun Jian with his dark eyes. Before Yun Jian could finish just now, he was already leveling a frowning serious gaze at her.

Yun Jian must have her reason for saying so!

Ge Junjian’s disregard made Yu Luo hate Yun Jian even more.

Similarly, Yun Jian ignored Yu Luo and told Ge Junjian meeting his eyes, "The police must’ve guessed it too. Those criminals are from an organization."

"Mm, I’ve expected that much," Officer Bao replied to her as he was just standing on the side before continuing rather disappointedly, "It’s too bad that we don’t know the identity of these men. Otherwise, they’d be put behind bars for attempting to assassinate F Province’s deputy mayor and harming the innocent!"

"Pft," Yu Luo who stood on the side scoffed again but the target of her ridicule was Yun Jian.

Yun Jian must have done it on purpose. Disclosing what she did and acting like she was superior, talking to Officer Bao and others—did she think she was some international big wheel? Who did she think she was!

Just as Yu Luo was thinking so and scoffing rudely, Yun Jian’s crisp voice sounded once more, "Inferno Ring."

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"What?!" It was not just Officer Bao now. Even Ai Guoxun cried in surprise.

Inferno Ring... Those criminals were from the Inferno Ring?

Things were not looking good in that case!

Perhaps ordinary people did not know what Inferno Ring was but as police and militants, Officer Bao, Ai Guoxun, and Ge Junjian were well aware of it.

Inferno Ring was an assassin organization ranked just after An Hun Group and Gu Sha Mercenaries internationally! If a named assassin organization could stay wanted globally but not uprooted by the international police, it meant that said organization was capable of surviving in this world!

Other small-time assassin organizations had all ended up being annihilated by the international police with their dens wiped out! Meanwhile, it was not that the Interpol did not want to take down organizations like An Hun, Gu Sha, and Inferno Ring, they were unable to!

Some police forces had even seen these top-ranking assassin groups as an untouchable cancerous growth—hide if they could, run while they’re able to! The maxim was implicitly recognized by partial police forces or international tycoons and politicians.

When they heard the Inferno Ring was only third to the top two assassin organizations, An Hun and top mercenaries Gu Sha, how could they not be stupefied?

"Hah, what Inferno Ring?" Yu Luo had never heard of it, snorting after hearing what Yun Jian said, but could not help asking curiously.

"Inferno Ring is an assassin organization and ranks after the global top assassin groups, An Hun, and the best mercenaries, Gu Sha! It’s a group even the Interpol can’t wipe out and it’s a force we can’t afford to provoke!" Officer Bao frowned when he realized that he was already drenched in sweat from the terror by the time he finished explaining shakily.

"Wha-what? The-those criminals just now are... are assassins? Th-then... what do we do? Will they come to us for revenge?" Yu Luo paled instantly from her flippant attitude just moments earlier.

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