The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 545 - Uproot It, Past Tense

Chapter 545 - Uproot It, Past Tense

"Finish them off!" Yun Jian’s words roused another bout of terror.

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"Wipe out who? Inferno Ring? You mean you want us to fight against the Inferno Ring?" Ai Guoxun cried before Ge Junjian said a thing. There was even a slight tremor in his vehement pitch.

"Inferno Ring’s an international assassin organization. Even the Interpol can’t do anything about them. You want F Province’s troop to fight them so you guys could sit and reap the benefits, don’t you? Ge Junjian, watch your subordinate. My word is final—F Province’s troop will have no part in this!"

Ai Guoxun fired his words like a cannon going from Yun Jian to Ge Junjian. It was obvious that he was holding Ge Junjian accountable for Yun Jian’s suggestion because he had assumed that the man had asked her to say it.

The truth was the incident happened in F Province and F Province’s military force was under Ai Guoxun’s command. If they were to battle the Inferno Ring, the troops would suffer from casualties. In that case, it undoubtedly did not affect Ge Junjian who was Zhe Province’s leader of the Advanced Special Forces.

Ai Guoxun even went so far as to think that Ge Junjian was planning for Ai Guoxun’s troop to battle Inferno Ring and suffer from casualties, so he could reap the convenient benefit for Zhe Province’s troop to emerge stronger than F Province’s!

When the time came, Ge Junjian would be the recipient of Chief Yuan’s laud!

"Ai Guoxun, could you be more shameless!" Ge Junjian growled with a finger pointed at Ai Guoxun’s head the moment he heard that.

Calming himself down, his finger was still aimed at Ai Guoxun when Ge Junjian used the coolest tone that was on the brink of exploding to tell the man, "Can we leave our personal grudge aside first? You’re the leader of F Province’s ASF. How could you think like that! I, Ge Junjian, swear that everything I do is for the sake of the people!"

"Why did we enlist in the military? Isn’t it so that the country is safe and the people can live and work in peace? Shouldn’t we be working together to drive those criminals who wanted to invade Country Z out of our nation?"

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"Wake up! Ai Guoxun, have you forgotten about the very intention we joined the army for? The people we’re protecting are being killed now! They’re only so young! These criminals are killing mere teenagers and you think about shirking your responsibilities?"

"Are you allowing those criminals to ride up our head?"

"I, Ge Junjian, can’t do it!"

By the time Ge Junjian was done declaring, he was seething.

Ai Guoxun who was at the receiving end of Ge Junjian’s chiding fell into a two-second silence.

During his moment of consideration, Yun Jian had come up to the rest of them with a small raise of lips. She looked at Ai Guoxun and told him after Ge Junjian, "You can choose to run but I can also tell you that Inferno Ring won’t sit and watch when its men had died in F Province."

"They’ll make their way here soon. You can choose to back down but don’t say I didn’t warn you. It’ll get rid of you even if you don’t get rid of it!"

Inferno Ring was a vengeful organization. When its members died out there, it would certainly send its people to assassinate the party responsible.

There was no way they could hide the fact that Yun Jian had killed Hertz and his gang. So many people had witnessed it and Inferno Ring would come to them without a doubt. By then, even Ai Guoxun and his subordinates would not be able to escape!

"What do you want to do?" After pondering, Ai Guoxun finally gritted his teeth and asked Yun Jian, putting his grudges with Ge Junjian aside.

Receiving the question, Yun Jian narrowed her eyes. A gleam of murderous air flashed in her eyes. "Uproot Inferno Ring and make it a thing of the past!"

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