The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 547 - Never A Bluff And Her One-Sided Account

Chapter 547 - Never A Bluff And Her One-Sided Account

Yun Jian diverted her eyes down, a silent acknowledgment to the group’s curiosity.

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She could not wait any longer. She was destroying Inferno Ring once and for all!

Xiao Zhu had died tragically in his past life because of them. Wolf.Kill who caused the boy’s death was from Inferno Ring. This was the truth Yun Jian had revealed after a thorough investigation much later.

As long as justice was not served to Inferno Ring, Yun Jian would never have her peace. She wanted Inferno Ring to pay for what they had done! She wanted them gone! She wanted the organization to have a taste of Slaying God’s wrath!

Since they dared get up her nose, they should withstand her fury.

As to why she wanted to work with Ge Junjian and Ai Guoxun, the military force, it was not without reason. Country Z was densely populated. There was a great number of soldiers in the two provinces whose overall ability was substantially formidable.

Yun Jian knew that Gu Sha was unable to deploy everyone to annihilate Inferno Ring. After all, they had just eliminated the old folks internally and were now going through a tender patch, needing time to recover and reorganize.

If Ge Junjian and Ai Guoxun’s help did not come as a coincidence at this moment, Yun Jian would not be making the move to take out Inferno Ring either. After all, the latter was an assassin organization; to eliminate it, the current watered down Gu Sha Mercenaries was not adequate.

Meanwhile, Ai Guoxun and Ge Junjian’s troops were not exactly weak. Pulling them in then contacting Si Yi to borrow some men from An Hun, Yun Jian vowed to have her name read backward if Inferno Ring could escape their fate of being annihilated this time!

It was not like Yun Jian was using Ai Guoxun and Ge Junjian.

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As Supreme Commands of Advanced Special Forces, Ai Guoxun and Ge Junjian yearned to contribute merits. If they could exterminate Inferno Ring that the international police could not even do, both their titles and statuses would shoot up the ranks.

If there had not been any chance of winning, both men were probably never accepting a tempting offer like this. Hence, Yun Jian pulled Gu Sha Mercenaries and the An Hun Group into it.

She knew that it was possible for Si Yi to send everyone in An Hun and deploy them to take out the Inferno Ring instead if she asked for it. However, considering the fact that other assassins or secret agent organizations could take advantage of the opportunity when An Hun and Gu Sha sent out a portion of their manpower, Yun Jian extended her invitation to Ge Junjian and Ai Guoxun just to be safe.

"Yun Jian, you really know people from Gu Sha Mercenaries and An Hun Group? And you’re capable of asking them to back us up?" It was not that Ge Junjian did not believe Yun Jian but the news itself was just unreal.

Those were internationally famous organizations. Any one of them could compare to a whole country’s combat strength!

Did Yun Jian really have the capability to ask for assistance from these organizations?

Ge Junjian was well aware of Yun Jian’s background. Her biological parents were average workers of Xinjiang Town. Be it Qin Yirou or her ex-husband, Yun Gang, they were ordinary citizens.

As their child, how could Yun Jian possibly know two of the most globally terrifying presences?

"I’ve never bluffed about what I can’t do." Yun Jian’s eyes at Ge Junjian were shining, looking nothing like she was making up a lie.

"Alright, I trust you!" Ge Junjian spoke decisively.

"Ge Junjian, have you gone dumb? You really believe her one-sided account?" Ai Guoxun gritted. There was no way he believed that Yun Jian knew anyone from the organizations!

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