The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 548 - See Yourself Out. Delusional

Chapter 548 - See Yourself Out. Delusional

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"I believe her!" Ge Junjian turned to look at Ai Guoxun and repeated himself resolutely, his tone brimming with the prideful flair of a soldier.

It made one look at Ge Junjian with renewed eyes. It was an unprecedented military charm—confidence that only soldiers had.

"Because she works under me. If I can’t even trust my subordinates, who else can I trust?" Ge Junjian uttered each word with intention looking at Ai Guoxun.

Coming from Ge Junjian, what he said had a deeper meaning. Back when Ai Guoxun pulled Ge Junjian’s other best friend to shield him from the bullet, Ai Guoxun had once told Ge Junjian that he did not trust their comrade.

Their best friend was usually petty. Although three of them were sworn brothers, Ai Guoxun was incredibly delicate and meticulous in his thinking, like a woman, and could always uncover some things that were different. Their petty best friend would usually be instantly annoyed if anyone were to borrow something from him, and that peeved Ai Guoxun to no end.

Ge Junjian also knew that there was already a crack in the brotherhood between Ai Guoxun and their best friend before he used the latter as his shield. Nonetheless, it infuriated Ge Junjian because it was their best friend who insisted both of them go back and save Ai Guoxun during the critical moment despite their superior’s retreat order. Yet Ai Guoxun had used the man to take a fatal bullet for him.

Their best friend had gone back for Ai Guoxun, but the latter had burned the bridge and taken him for granted to shield himself from a bullet!

How could Ge Junjian not be enraged by the situation?

It was also after that Ge Junjian parted ways with Ai Guoxun. Since then, both of them went from the best brothers to their current stalemate.

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All of it started when Ai Guoxun used their best friend to take a gunshot for him. To be honest, it happened because Ai Guoxun did not believe in their best friend. If there was no barrier between them, Ai Guoxun would never do something like that.

Therefore, there was a part of Ge Junjian that was saying "if I can’t even trust my subordinates who else can I trust?" targetted Ai Guoxun specifically.

This time, surprisingly, Ai Guoxun did not retort.

"Fine, then go on believing what you believe in! Humph, my troop is not taking this risk!" Ai Guoxun, who had been convinced earlier, rejected straightforwardly with a scoff.

"Don’t help if you don’t want to. See yourself out." Yun Jian glanced at the man coldly.

It did not make much of a difference having Ai Guoxun’s support or not. An Hun and Gu Sha’s members were enough to triumph over Inferno Ring. Yun Jian was just making careful consideration in inviting both the militants.

Ai Guoxun was actually driven away by Yun Jian’s provocation, asking Yu Luo and the team to leave with him as well. Before he stepped out of the arched door, he turned to look at Yun Jian, his chin tipped up defiantly as he talked, "I’d love to see how you get Gu Sha Mercenaries and An Hun Group to your side! Humph! I’m waiting to watch!"

With that, he gestured at his eyes before leading Yu Luo and the team away angrily.

Yu Luo copied Ai Guoxun, turning around before she left and glaring at Yun Jian with her less pretty eyes before finally saying, "Yun Jian, I’d love to watch how you’re failing too! Hah! Delusional. How could An Hun Group and Gu Sha Mercenaries possibly ever help you?"

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