The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 549 - Making Plans And Walking Right Into The Trap

Chapter 549 - Making Plans And Walking Right Into The Trap

"Mm, open your despicable eyes and watch," Yun Jian replied immediately as she looked away in disdain at what Yu Luo said.

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"Yun Jian, you! ..." Assuming that Yun Jian would not counter her, Yu Luo did not expect her to make such a barbed repartee once she spoke. Yu Luo choked in rage from Yun Jian’s words at once.

Just as she was about to snap back, the butterfly knife had gone back to Yun Jian’s grip as the latter toyed with it, fl.i.c.k.i.n.g it up and down.

Yu Luo gulped. She did not forget how Yun Jian had stabbed Hertz’s eyeball using said weapon nor would she ever forget how she had killed Jay and the other men in black!

Yun Jian’s eerily well-practiced skills ran shudders down one’s back just thinking about it—what was more, when one watched her flock the butterfly knife.

As Yun Jian toyed with the weapon with ease and looked at Yu Luo with a side-eye, it gave Yu Luo shivers.

"O-Officer Ai, let’s go right now!" Yu Luo fled. The risible sight tickled everyone watching with a hint of contempt.

Where did the cool and valiant Miss Yu go? The current Yu Luo was like a small rat running for its life. She did not even greet her uncle, Coach Xu, all this while.

Coach Xu could only sigh with a dip of the head. This was one of the reasons he did not have high hopes for his niece. She was too arrogant, too conceited, and too selfish.

The world seemed to quieten down after Ai Guoxun and Yu Luo left.

"I-I can do my part too!" Officer Bao who stood beside them said suddenly when Yun Jian decided to discuss their following plan with Ge Junjian.

"Hmm?" Yun Jian had unknowingly taken the command of the scene.

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"I don’t have a high position but I can still do my part as long as it’s within F Province’s area of jurisdiction!" Officer Bao spoke through clenched jaws, determined to go big or go home.

"Thank you." Yun Jian smiled looking at Officer Bao.

For some reason, the policeman was delightfully surprised when he was thanked by Yun Jian.

"You’re welcome!" he replied promptly.

"Hmm, okay, I’ll make the plans then." It had just been a short while but Yun Jian had already figured out the cause and effect of the entire incident, as well as her following strategy.

Yun Jian had Officer Bao send the majority of the police force out of the building, saving a few who could be trusted. Coach Xu stayed as well.

Yun Jian then began to elaborate on her plan. "Hertz asked Inferno Ring for help before he died, saying that they got trapped in a martial club, so what you have to do next, Officer Bao, is to make everyone who knows what happened today seal their lips. Not one word should be spread."

"Inferno Ring members wouldn’t know what happened here now that Hertz and gang have already died. Officer Bao, you keep surrounding the martial club with your men, like Hertz and his group of people are still alive. I’ll get Gu Sha’s people here to back you guys up right now."

"No matter how much support Inferno Ring sends from now, when they come, capture them all!"

"Let me know once you’ve caught them. Officer Ge, when those people are caught, bring your squad to come with me. We’ll gather with Gu Sha and An Hun’s members then go right into Inferno Ring’s den to take them by surprise."

"As for Gu Sha and An Hun’s members, I’ll arrange for them to help."

Leading the other police officers, Officer Bao continued barricading the martial club, like Hertz and the gang did not die, in anticipation for Inferno Ring’s people to walk right into the trap. Once Inferno Ring’s backup came, Yun Jian would deploy Gu Sha’s members to capture them on the spot.

As they waited, she planned to go to An Hun directly to Si Yi.

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