The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 55 - Mengyu, Mengyu, My Daughter

Chapter 55 - Mengyu, Mengyu, My Daughter

Having never witnessed such an alarming situation, all the teachers including Principal Lin stared wide-eyed at Yun Jian.

She was ruthless!

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Yet if she had not reacted so fast and precise, who knew what would have happened!

"Mengyu, Mengyu, my daughter!" Principal Lin still coddled his daughter the most. Not daring to express his anger upon witnessing Yun Jian kick Lin Mengyu, he could only bolt to help his daughter up with a cry.

Principal Lin was utmost fearful now. Why must his daughter be entangled with Yun Jian!

Did Yun Jian not come from a poor family? How did she know about his secret? Her skills seemed better than the special forces too!

Holding Lin Mengyu, Principal Lin fled.

He dared not linger in the office in fear of what Yun Jian would do if his daughter started another conflict with her.

His dirty little secret was still in her hands!

Principal Lin felt like bellowing right now.

Yun Jian’s character was not at all like what he had been told. How was she an ordinary student? She was not human, she was a devil!

Watching Principal Lin flee with his daughter, the teachers dared not make a sound. However, their emotions could no longer be contained by just shock or astonishment.

Yun Jian came to the office disadvantaged, yet why was she not chased away in the end? Instead, it was Principal Lin who ran with a tail between his legs.

It was unbelievable.


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Principal Lin’s decision to expel Yun Jian was drawn to an end.


Unless he no longer wanted to be a principal or he wished for his reputation to be damaged.

Otherwise, he would not kick Yun Jian out of the school.

Yun Jian’s return to the classroom drew quite some attention.

Everyone knew that Yun Jian had provoked the principal’s daughter, Lin Mengyu, and for that reason she was summoned to the office.

Could Yun Jian still be allowed in school when the principal had come forward personally for the matter?

Right as Yun Jian stepped into the classroom, Lu Feiyan ran over in worry.

"Xiao Jian, how was it? Are you okay?"

Looking at Lu Feiyan’s distraught gaze, Yun Jian was about to comfort her when a shrill female voice cut in.

Chinese class representative, Wang Rourou taunted, "When I went to the office for the workbooks just now, I saw our headmaster and Class 1’s Lin Mengyu in the office! They looked gravely serious too. How can she be okay?"

Wang Rourou acted concerned for Yun Jian as she questioned, "Oh gosh, Yun Jian, you won’t have gotten kicked out of school, will you? Class 1’s Lin Mengyu, our principal’s daughter – I’ve heard that a girl had accidentally spilled water on her when she was in seventh grade and the girl was expelled not too long after!"

Her words caused a buzz in the class.

The girl was barred from school just for unintentionally spilling water on Lin Mengyu but their class’ Yun Jian had basically hit Lin Mengyu into a hospital admission. Was it not worse?

"I’m fine." Yun Jian replied looking at Lu Feiyan, ignoring Wang Rourou and other nosy observers of their class.

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