The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 550 - The Start Of Operation And The Trigger Of Suspicion

Chapter 550 - The Start Of Operation And The Trigger Of Suspicion

Time waits for no man. Once Yun Jian planned out her scheme, Officer Bao led the police force in surrounding the martial club with gusto. The man had a certain influence in F Province.

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As for Coach Xu, he gave full cooperation to Yun Jian’s plan. He had even promised Yun Jian that he would not step out of the club during these days to ensure the plan looked even more flawless.

Yun Jian had a good impression of the instructor. He was relative to Yu Luo but his character was entirely different from the girl. Coach Xu was virtuous, a stark contrast against Yu Luo’s self-centered nature.

"Officer Ge, we’ll work separately now. Go back to Zhe Province to request manpower from the superiors. We’ll meet at Country S’ Bridge Bay Pier," Yun Jian told Ge Junjian looking at him.

Bridge Bay Pier in Country S was the only route to Inferno Ring’s headquarters.

The headquarters of assassin or secret agent organizations were usually built in islands, obscure and hidden to the world.

Yun Jian was able to know these because—one must remember—the intelligence department in her Gu Sha Mercenaries was the best in the world. She could receive intel about anything in the world, big or small, instantaneously.

Inferno Ring’s headquarters had been built for years now. The intelligence department of Gu Sha had long found out about their location. Yun Jian had even already known in detail about the direction it faced and the surface area it took up.

"Okay..." Ge Junjian looked at Yun Jian skeptically before finally agreeing with a nod.

Hesitant, he asked her, "Yun Jian, is Bridge Bay Pier in Country S Inferno Ring’s... headquarters?"

Ge Junjian wanted to scream his question, even Officer Bao who stood beside them was equally baffled.

Inferno Ring had appeared for so many years but not even the international police could track it down—forget finding its headquarters!

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Now, Yun Jian was stating the location like it was obvious... Throw in the fact that Yun Jian wanted to extirpate Inferno Ring once it was mentioned and her killing all the criminals from said organization, Ge Junjian was suddenly filled with a petrifying thought—did Yun Jian have a grudge against Inferno Ring?

Otherwise, why would a young girl like her pay attention to the Inferno Ring that came after An Hun Group and Gu Sha Mercenaries? This should not be!

It was not Yun Jian’s plan to keep the address of Inferno Ring’s headquarters confidential, so she nodded to Ge Junjian and Officer Bao. "Yes."

Chu Ning and the rest of Team Monarch who did not manage to say much from the sideline were already shocked beyond words by Yun Jian’s course of action. They had thought that they knew Yun Jian well enough but it did not even cross their mind that she actually knew people from An Hun Group and Gu Sha Mercenaries.—She knew where the headquarters of Inferno Ring was too!

"Alright. We depart now."

Ge Junjian nodded and called his superior to make the request for manpower. Yun Jian texted Snake.Lizard, asking her to do the same and send forces to F Province to back Officer Bao up. This would happen while they waited for Inferno Ring’s men who were coming to save Hertz to land in their trap.

When Ge Junjian and Yun Jian were done with their preoccupied tasks, a male voice that could be heard with a frown rang. "Yun Jian, I have something to ask you."

It was Liu Shiyun who stood nearby. It surprised Chu Ning and others.

"What do you want to ask, leader? You sound so mysterious, haha!" Chu Xiangnan teased airily but he was quickly pulled aside by Chu Ning.

"What is it?" Yun Jian asked with a press of lips.

"Your pseudonym is Slashing God and you know people in Gu Sha Mercenaries. From what I gather, the pseudonym of Gu Sha Mercenaries’ boss is Slaying God. It’s so similar to yours. She’s the Slaying God ranked first in the international secret agent chart... I’d really like to know if you two are related?"

Why else would it be such a coincidence? Why would Gu Sha Mercenaries listen to you and take out the Inferno Ring?

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