The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 551 - You Know Her, Im Her

Chapter 551 - You Know Her, I\'m Her

Liu Shiyun’s words caught everyone’s attention.

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It was, however, Officer Ge and Coach Xu’s first time to hear that Yun Jian’s moniker was Slashing God. Ge Junjian and the rest of them knew about it but it was only then they focused on it with Liu Shiyun’s reminder.

Slaying God and Slashing God were pronounced different but they were only different by one syllable!

Moreover, Yun Jian could convince Gu Sha Mercenaries and the An Hun Group to help them annihilate the Inferno Ring. It did not seem plausible when she was just a junior high school girl.

Everyone’s gaze landed directly on Yun Jian, attempting to find an answer out of it.

With anticipation, Yun Jian raised her brow. Her lively mien called for an impulse to understand everything about her. Her performance was shocking and her ability had already gone past what a junior high school girl could do!

Yun Jian curled her lips up under everyone’s stare. Her smile was dazzling, fresh, and attractive, and pulled the corners of everyone’s lips up as well at the sight. With a smile, her faint answer was alarming. "We’re related."

Related? Related!

Yun Jian was related to Slaying God who topped the international secret agent chart?

That was the best person among the secret agents worldwide!

Ge Junjian and others were thrumming with a buzz. The abruptness of it was terrifying and overwhelming.

Who was Slaying God?

To everyone there, everything about Slaying God could only be described in hearsay.

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It was hearsay that Slaying God was stealthy. She debuted as an assasin at the age of 12 and had gone from an unknown female secret agent to the field’s dark horse within two years.

It was hearsay that she had wiped out the tenth ranked assassin organization at the age of 13. One single person took out an organization, and she was only 13! What was an average kid doing at the age of 13? Growing up under their parents’ protection, probably!

In spite of it, these impossible events were Slaying God’s reality. Only a small number of people knew that Slaying God was abducted when she was five. Growing up to 13, it had taken her countless lives and blood.

Eight years was all it took to turn a child into a menacing killing machine!

Nonetheless, after Slaying God took out the tenth charted assassin organization, she slayed the ex-boss of Gu Sha Mercenaries and replaced him before everyone was able to fully digest the news.

The move allowed her to secure her footing internationally.

By the age of 16, Slaying God reigned the world and had become the top rank on the international secret agent list!

The speed of her growth was terrifying.

Now, Yun Jian was saying that she was related to this legendary figure! How could Ge Junjian and others not be flabbergasted by it?

In fact, they would not even dream about it. Yun Jian had been 16 in her past life, but she was now younger by a year after her rebirth.

When she was reborn, she was only 15. As the Lunar New Year passed, she turned 16. Yun Jian was actually already 17 by now—but her body was one year younger.

"D-do you know her... I mean Slaying God..." Liu Shiyun swallowed before he asked again. There was undoubtedly panic on his face.

If Yun Jian really knew Slaying God, it was enough to stupefy everyone there. Not even a handful of people across the world had ever seen Slaying God’s true self!

"I’m her." The girl’s crisp and bright voice, melodious like it came from the heavens, pulled everyone’s attention back to her.—Then, it stirred panic!

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