The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 552 - Jokes And Relief

Chapter 552 - Jokes And Relief

Yun Jian was... Slaying God?

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What crazy joke was this?

They looked at her in terror—as reflected on their expression—as colors drained from their face.

Slaying God who ranked first on the world’s secret agent chart was nothing everyone on the spot could imagine being. Partial nations and regions had even designated her as one of the figures that must not be provoked.

A frightening presence like this induced chills just thinking about her but Yun Jian was claiming that she was Slaying God?

Ge Junjian and Team Monarch who knew how skilled Yun Jian was were stunned. Ge Junjian, especially, was completely befuddled but it was not like he dared not believe it.

He was the one who knew about Yun Jian’s capability the most out of everyone there, because the latter had killed Wolf Blade who charted tenth on the global assassin ranking back then!

No matter how one looked at it, the event that the world’s top ten assassin, Wolf Blade, was killed by Yun Jian, a junior high school girl, was illogical. Yet, it was the reality!

Back then, Ge Junjian had already entertained the thought of Yun Jian being one of the top ten people on the international assassin or secret agent list. How else could she kill Wolf Blade alone? The latter was still a highly ranked professional assassin after all!

"U-uh... um..." Liu Shiyun had lost his composure at Yun Jian’s words and could only stare at the beaming girl.

Just when Ge Junjian was about to believe it and the others were still both doubtful and horrified, Yun Jian’s melodic voice rang again. "I was kidding."

Turning to look at her again, Yun Jian was already crossing her arms in front of herself with a squint. She looked back at them with a tilt of her head, the gleam that flashed across her eyes putting everyone at ease.

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"Hu... Yun Jian, your jokes are too much. I almost believed it!" Fang Xiaoran put a hand over his heart, looking like he had been through a great shock.

"Yes! Oh gosh! I was breaking out in cold sweat!" Chu Xiangnan who Chu Ning had dragged away by the ear just now came back staring at Yun Jian for several seconds before laughing, livening the tense atmosphere a little.

"Alrighty, our Yun Jian’er really loves cracking jokes—haha!" Chu Ning quipped.

Yun Jian did not usually joke around.

The girl smiled without any awkwardness, looking demure.

"Cough... It’s a joke?" Liu Shiyun snapped out from the tension and stroked his nose. Compared to Chu Xiangnan and others, he was a tiny bit more skeptical but did not think much of it.

"... Was it just a joke?" Officer Bao choked a little from the shock before he smacked his lips together and shifted away from his previous fright.

Ge Junjian was the only one deep in thoughts with a frown. Yun Jian’s joke suddenly made him feel like it was true—that Yun Jian was the secret agent Slaying God! Ge Junjian had a feeling that she had something to do with Slaying God even if she was not her. What it was, however, the man was unable to put a finger on it.

Yun Jian pressed her lips together before speaking again, "I have a certain relationship with Gu Sha Mercenaries while Gu Sha Mercenaries have a grudge against the Inferno Ring. So don’t worry, Gu Sha Mercenaries will not let Inferno Ring go off the hook! You guys don’t have to worry about being involved either."

What Yun Jian said pulled back some seriousness into everyone while Officer Bao was the first to nod with a hum, "Mm." Her words took the worrying burden off everyone’s shoulders.

When they had decided to uproot Inferno Ring, what they feared the most was Gu Sha Mercenaries and An Hun Group refusing to help. Death was certain if they had to face the Inferno Ring alone.

What Yun Jian had just said had undoubtedly relieved them.

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