The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 553 - Lan Sus Home. A Favor

Chapter 553 - Lan Su\'s Home. A Favor

"Okay, we can start now!" Ge Junjian announced after Yun Jian had finished leaving instructions for what she needed to.

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As the one with the highest authority there, Ge Junjian’s words held absolute executive power. Everyone there compiled once they heard him.

"Officer Ge, leave this place to me then." Officer Bao respected Ge Junjian.

Honestly, the policeman did not like Ai Guoxun. Although the latter was his superior, his disregard for their life and death disappointed Officer Bao. As Inferno Ring’s members died in the martial club, those who would be taken revenge on were Officer Bao and his fellow policemen other than Yun Jian.

Yet, it surprised Officer Bao that Ai Guoxun, the military officer of his region, F Province, did not offer his help but it was military officer Ge Junjian from Zhe Province who stepped up to help. It made the police officer immensely grateful.

"Stay guard here. People from Gu Sha Mercenaries will arrive soon to assist you," Yun Jian told Officer Bao.

"Mm-mm!" The man nodded fervently.

Yun Jian and the team left with a goodbye. Driven by Ge Junjian, they were rushed back to Zhe Province during the night.

When Team Monarch came to the martial club, it had been nighttime but it was just early into it. At least, places like the martial club and supper eateries were still open around the hour.

Ge Junjian had planned to stay the night in F Province before heading back but the change of events was unexpected. He canceled the booked hotel room and drove his jeep to take the seven of Team Monarch all the way back to Zhe Province.

The stay in F Province had been because long-hour drives would fatigue one easily, plus night drives obscured one’s vision. Now, however, Ge Junjian could care less about these.

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It was fortunate that Liu Shiyun and a few others who had learned driving could swap with Ge Junjian throughout the journey, so the group made it back to Zhe Province by 1 to 2 am.

As they were not sufficiently skilled, Ge Junjian had sent Liu Shiyun, Chu Ning, and the rest of Team Monarch home.

Yun Jian had planned to go home before going to An Hun for Si Yi but before that, she had something more important to do.

Qin Yirou, Yun Zhu, and Yun Yi were yet to return to Longmen City, currently still staying in Xinjiang Town. Yun Jian had agreed with Yun Yi to visit Qing You on the 12th but her sudden change of plan could only push the visit back several days later.

As for Qing You, Yun Jian was not planning for the girl to go back to the organization with her during the Lunar New Year. When she parted with Ge Junjian, Yun Jian had asked him to send her to Lan Su’s home.

Having found a place for Lan Su to stay, Yun Jian had been busy the rest of the time other than paying her a visit before Lunar New Year.

It was late at night now. Yun Jian was not planning to return to Xinjiang Town nor Dong Ruan’s house. She had something important that she needed to see Lan Su for.

After Ge Junjian sent Yun Jian to the suite that Lan Su stayed in, she went up alone to knock on the door.

Despite the late hour, Yun Jian had only knocked twice before Lan Su opened the door. The latter was slightly fuddled when she saw that it was Yun Jian. Other than being visited once before Lunar New Year, Yun Jian had never come over again. She knew that it was because Yun Jian had gone to Xinjiang Town—Yun Jian told her.

Why was she here in the middle of the night now?

"Wiz... Uh, that was close. Yun Jian, you’re here for me?" Lan Su had not seen Yun Jian for some time and all her heart and mind had been on the Wu Clan, so she was nearly called her "Wizard Lord Wu" now that she saw her.

"I have a favor to ask. I’ll take my rest here with you tonight." Yun Jian blinked before she slipped into Lan Su’s home and closed the door.

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