The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 554 - The Vowing Method. The Splendor

Chapter 554 - The Vowing Method. The Splendor

Closing the door, Yun Jian stood in the deluxe suite with Lan Su. When Yun Jian asked Zhang Zhifan to make arrangements for Lan Su’s accommodation, they had selected the suites in Longmen City’s prime location.

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Lan Su was a clean and neat girl herself, so Yun Jian was greeted with a spotless living room upon entering her house. The living room was still lit, as well as Lan Su’s bedroom beside it as the door was opened with light spilling through it.

Yun Jian shifted her gaze back to look at Lan Su.

The latter was used to wearing black from head to toe. She had an aloof expression naturally but her eyebrows were willowy with big eyes and thin lips—making her a classic beauty. Yun Jian could not help appreciating genuinely that the plain black clothing which Lan Su had worn was the one that accentuated her slender figure the most. In addition, when she had worn it during their first meeting, she gave off a fresh and pretty charm.

Returning to the topic at hand, Yun Jian was about to speak looking at Lan Su’s incredibly lively eyes under long fluttering lashes when the latter spoke first, "Is there something you need me for, Yun Jian?"

Lan Su’s words made Yun Jian press her lips together.

"I might not be able to come back for the following few days. You know that my mom, elder brother, and baby brother are all in Xinjiang Town now. What I’m going to do might bring them harm, so please go to Xinjiang Town and look after them for me. Just make sure they’re safe and no one takes advantage of the situation," explained Yun Jian.

She was scared that either Inferno Ring or people who had long set their eyes on her would perhaps take the opportunity and harm her family when she was not around them.

Yun Jian was not going to commit the same mistake twice. When Yun Jian found Yun Zhu in her past life, she left him in Gu Sha Mercenaries. Yet, the boy was abducted when Snake.Lizard and Tiger.Leopard were both not around the organization.

Yun Jian had suspected the old folks in Gu Sha to have participated in it back then, but she was not entirely sure. It caused Yun Zhu’s tragic death ultimately.

Therefore, she was not allowing the same thing to happen again!

"As long as I make sure they’re safe?" Lan Su blinked owlishly. Her change from her usual coldness injected warmth into Yun Jian.

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"Mm." The latter nodded.

Yun Jian had her reason to come to Lan Su. She was formidable in her ability.

Lan Su came from Yulong Mainland and people there were innately blessed with the ability to cultivate. These were what earthlings like Yun Jian who lived in the human world could not fight against.

Hence, asking Lan Su to help was the best solution to Yun Jian thus far—the only solution!

"Understood. Lan Su shall not disappoint Wizard Lord Wu’s assignment!" Lan Su took a step back suddenly and put a hand before her c.h.e.s.t to promise Yun Jian seriously.

Yun Jian replied with a slight nod, not chiding the girl for addressing her as Wizard Lord Wu again, because she knew that this was the method cultivators in Yulong Mainland like Lan Su vowed to others. When cultivators made a vow like this, they would fulfill their promise regardless of what happened.

"Thank you." Yun Jian squinted at Lan Su, thanking her from the bottom of her heart.

Her family was her roots. Qin Yirou and her brothers were already an indispensable part of Yun Jian.

"This is what Lan Su should do," Lan Su said with a nod.

The night passed peacefully.

Early next morning, Yun Jian drove her LaFerrari to take Lan Su back to Xinjiang Town. This was her first time driving her Ferrari LaFerrari back, so Zhang Meihua who stood outside her house did not recognize it when Yun Jian drove in.

It was until Yun Jian came down that Zhang Meihua gasped pointing at her, "Xiao Jian, this splendor of a car is yours?"

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