The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 555 - Introducing Lan Su And Si Yis Here

Chapter 555 - Introducing Lan Su And Si Yi\'s Here

"Mm." Yun Jian nodded before ignoring Zhang Meihua’s bafflement and went around her to go into the house.

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Urgent as the matter was, Yun Jian had no time to say more to Zhang Meihua since she was back in Xinjiang Town for someone to protect Qin Yirou and her brothers.

It was Yun Jian’s first time driving LaFerrari back to Xinjiang Town, so it was expected that a bunch of Xinjing Town locals had been shocked when she came back.

The LaFerrari by Ferrari that Yun Jian had modified exuded an unrestrained wildness. What was more, there were only three units of this model sold worldwide!

It came as a matter of course that people there had never even seen a car like this.

Zhang Meihua knew that Yun Jian founded New Cruise and that it was a car dealership but she did not expect the girl to drive a car back. Was she not only 16 years old?

One could only test for a driving license at the age of 18—was she not breaking the law?

In spite of it, Zhang Meihua did not give it much thought. Her precious granddaughter was an Advanced Special Forces soldier! She was also the director of the company New Cruise! Zhang Meihua was too busy fawning over her now!

It was just that Yun Jian had never actually regarded Zhang Meihua.

She remembered how Zhang Meihua had treated her mother back then. Yun Jian was pretending to be oblivious now because the older woman was being nice to Qin Yirou albeit superficially. Although this had been because of Yun Jian’s identity, Yun Jian was not stopping her if that was what made Qin Yirou happy.

After all, Zhang Meihua was Qin Yirou’s biological mother. The latter naturally had a familial bond to her as her daughter.

Basically, Yun Jian would get the moon for Qin Yirou if she would be happy about it.

Just as she entered, Yun Jian saw her mother—who was increasingly radiant—chatting joyfully with relatives who had come to Zhang Meihua’s house to pay a new year call in the living room.

Due to Yun Jian, these relatives were courteous to Qin Yirou if not obsequious.

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Qin Yirou looked much younger now as everything that she had been worrying about no longer needed her fretting.

Seeing Yun Jian enter with Lan Su, the woman stood up at once.

"Xiao Jian, you’re back so soon? What about Officer Ge? Why didn’t he send you back?" Qin Yirou asked suddenly after checking Yun Jian to see that she was fine.

"Officer Ge went back for some duty, mom. We have a centralized training at the military recently, so I have to go in a while too. I’ll be back soon, though," Yun Jian said as she tugged Lan Su forward to Qin Yirou and introduced, "Mom, this is Lan Su. She’s my friend. Her school asks her to write an essay about winter break and will submit it for the provincial competition. It’s about the countryside, but she grew up in the city and has never seen the farmland in villages. She’s come back with me to stay here for a few days but I can’t host her around since I need to report back to the military, so help me take care of her."

Yun Jian lied naturally as she had already discussed the excuse with Lan Su before they arrived.

"Nice to meet you, Madam Qin," Lan Su greeted Qin Yirou after Yun Jian finished.

Qin Yirou was a little down that Ge Junjian was not here but when she heard that Lan Su was her daughter’s friend, she quickly welcomed her. "Hello, hello. I’ll call you Susu? Come on in, don’t be a stranger. Just make yourself at home!"

"Mm." Lan Su nodded and entered the house.

"Mom, I’m going off then." Yun Jian beamed with her eyes and turned to leave.


It was then Yun Zhu ran down the stairs thumping his stumpy legs.

"Jiejie! Jiejie! Is Si Yi-gege here!" Little Yun Zhu ran fast, his scampering delighting Yun Jian.

"No," Yun Jian patted the boy’s head and said.

Little Yun Zhu ducked his head in disappointment but the moment he did that, he noticed a silhouette and sprang away from Yun Jian’s embrace in delighted surprise to sprint toward the door, shouting, "Si Yi-gege!"

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