The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 556 - Si Yis Arrival—Hes Lord Divinity

Chapter 556 - Si Yi\'s Arrival—He\'s Lord Divinity

Little Yun Zhu scampered gleefully toward the gate with his short legs.

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At the sound, Zhang Meihua who had just come in from the gate could not help turning to take a glance. Yun Jian looked up slightly as well, catching the timely appearance of a tall silhouette bathed in the gentle winter morning sunlight.

Pressing her lips together, Yun Jian’s smile was bright as she went along Yun Zhu. The boy had already launched himself into Si Yi’s arms.

"Si Yi-gege!" Little Yun Zhu shouted excitedly while lying in Si Yi’s embrace.

"Mm." The thrumming voice came from above. Si Yi rubbed the boy’s head but his eyes were set on Yun Jian who was making small steps toward him.

"A Yi, you’re here? Come in, have a seat!" Qin Yirou came to welcome him when she saw him too.

Before Yun Jian came to Si Yi, Zhang Meihua who was standing near the gate on the way to return to her house could not help chuckling, "A Yi’s here for Xiao Jian huh? Come on, go inside quickly. Have some tea before you go!"

Assuming familiarity, Zhang Meihua addressed Si Yi like how Qin Yirou did. As she spoke, she was moving toward the door to tug Si Yi’s sleeve to usher him into the house.

Zhang Meihua was perfectly courteous to Yun Jian now. Having seen Si Yi’s Lamborghini previously, it was not a surprise that she was also cordial to him.—They were wealthy sources for her!

As an experienced woman, Zhang Meihua had noted a long time ago that the young man was most probably interested in Yun Jian! As long as she played her cards well with the young man, she did not have to worry about Yun Jian not taking care of her when she was senile!

Tsch, just thinking about the future made Zhang Meihua feel that the blissful time was so near within her grasp... Why had she not thought about being nicer to Qin Yirou and Yun Jian? She would not have to suck up to them like this now!

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Just as Zhang Meihua was going to touch Si Yi with her dry wrinkly hands, the latter had avoided her unnoticeably.

"No need." Si Yi turned to glare at the old woman. His icy expression that rejected strangers coupled with his commanding belligerence made Zhang Meihua’s heart lurch.

The old woman could even feel Si Yi’s murderous intent toward her, so she dared not even move in the next second.

Yun Jian caught Si Yi’s minute action clearly but Qin Yirou had not realized it.

When Yun Jian came to Si Yi’s side, she looked at Yun Zhu who was in his arms tenderly while Si Yi’s gaze stayed staring at Yun Jian.

Qin Yirou came to Si Yi as well and welcomed him warmly, "A Yi, come in for some tea."

"Okay." Si Yi nodded at Qin Yirou with a perfect side profile, shifting his gentle gaze from Yun Jian to the woman upon her invitation.

It formed a stark contrast to his attitude toward Zhang Meihua earlier.

Zhang Meihua stood in awkwardness at the side but she was too scared to say a word. Even if she had gone dumb, she was still aware of Si Yi and Yun Jian’s attitude toward her. In order not to annoy them, Zhang Meihua actually clammed her mouth shut and went back to her house trailing after the couple.

Planning to go to An Hun Group directly for Si Yi, Yun Jian did not have to hurry there now when Si Yi came back unexpectedly. It would be fine to stay longer at home, so she went inside with Si Yi shoulder to shoulder.

Qin Yirou led the way. Lan Su who had been standing in the house, on the other hand, stared at Si Yi in panic. Before Yun Jian and Si Yi came inside, Lan Su took two steps back nervously looking at the young man before addressing him with extreme deference, "Lo...Lord Divinity!"

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